What does plan in French mean?

What does plan in French mean?

[ˈplæn ] 1. (= strategy) plan m. The three leaders had worked out a peace plan. Les trois leaders avaient élaboré un plan de paix.

What does plan mean in Italian?

[plæn ] 1. (scheme) piano ⧫ progetto.

What is the French word for to?

The French translation for “to” is à.

Is map masculine or feminine in French?

Literal Breakdown

Recording English French
Recording Englisha (feminine) French une
Recording Englishmap French carte
Recording Englishof the (masculine) French du
Recording Englishworld French monde

What is the verb to plan in Spanish?

verb el verbo
to a
plan el plan planear

WHAT IS A in France?

Using a in French In French, there are 3 ways of using the indefinite articles “ a,” “ an,” “ some” or “ several.” A or An + masculine noun = un. A or An + feminine noun = une. Some or Several + any plural noun = des.

What is the most beautiful French word?

Here are the most beautiful French words

  • Papillon – butterfly.
  • Parapluie – umbrella.
  • Paupiette – a piece of meat, beaten thin, and rolled with a stuffing of vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats.
  • Romanichel – gypsy.
  • Silhouette – silhouette.
  • Soirée – evening.
  • Tournesol – sunflower.
  • Vichyssoise – from vichy. Masculine, noun.

What does RU mean in French?

The word ru has significance in both French and Vietnamese. In French, the word means stream or flow of money, tears or blood. In Vietnamese, the word means cradle or lullaby.

How do you say female friend in French?

Ami(e) simply means “friend” in French. Add an “e” and it becomes the female “amie”, add an “s” to either form and it becomes the plural “ami” for male friends or “amies” for female friends. It’s used to describe a close friend. Sometimes you will hear the terms “petit ami” or “petite amie”.

What we say menu in French?


From To Via
• menu → cartebillet ↔ Karte
• menu → menu ↔ Menü
• menu → menucarte ↔ Speisekarte
• menu → menu ↔ Speiseplan

What’s the difference between Planear and Planificar?

“Planificar” is a transitive verb which is often translated as “to plan”, and “planear” is a transitive verb which is also often translated as “to plan”.

What is IR in the future tense Spanish?

Future Tense Conjugation of Ir

Subject Pronouns Ir Conjugation: Future Translation
yo iré I will go
irás you will go
él/ella/usted irá he/she/you formal will go
nosotros/nosotras iremos we will go