What does the phrase stay ahead of the curve mean?

What does the phrase stay ahead of the curve mean?

Definition of ahead of the curve chiefly US, approving. : faster about doing something than other people, companies, etc. The company has been ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies.

How do I get ahead of the curve?

How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Workplace

  1. Be a Trustworthy Employee.
  2. Let Your Superiors Know When You’d Like to Take on New Projects.
  3. Continually Learn New Things About Your Field.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Share your Ideas.
  5. Offer Genuine Feedback and Constructive Criticism.
  6. Be A Valuable Team Player.

What does the phrase behind the curve mean?

Definition of behind the curve : slower about doing something than other people, companies, etc. We are behind the curve when it comes to advances in medicine.

Is it ahead of the curve or ahead of the curb?

The phrase ahead of the curb is an eggcorn, which is a misheard word or phrase that maintains its original meaning. Ahead of the curb is a fairly common mistake but it is incorrect, and should never be used.

What is the meaning of the idiom wild goose chase?

Definition of wild-goose chase : a complicated or lengthy and usually fruitless pursuit or search These errors had two fatal consequences. The most obvious was that a number of engines and dozens of firefighters were sent on a wild-goose chase and did not get to the fire for many minutes.—

What is the meaning of 24 by 7?

An alternate orthography for the numerical part includes 24×7 (usually pronounced “twenty-four by seven”). The numerals stand for “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

What does it mean to be ahead of the game?

Definition of ahead of the game : in a position or situation in which one is likely to succeed, win, etc. The company has stayed ahead of the game by meeting new government standards before they go into effect.

Do things ahead of time meaning?

If you do something ahead of time, you do it before a particular event or before you need to, in order to be well prepared.

Where does the saying stay ahead of the curve come from?

The idiomatic expression is most probably originated from the US military. Other sources suggest that the original phrase stems from the shape of a bell graph which has a huge curve. If you are ahead of the curve, you are staying ahead of everything. The literal usages of the phrase also refer to flying.

What is dialed in?

dialled in in British English or US dialed in. adjective. informal. exhibiting total concentration on and mastery of the task in hand.

How do you say ahead of the curve?

ahead of the curve synonym | English Thesaurus

  1. 1 advance, be successful, cut it (informal) do well, flourish, get on, make good, make one’s mark, progress, prosper, succeed, thrive.
  2. n (informal) assent, authorization, consent, green light, leave, O.K. or okay (informal) permission.

What is ahead of the curve WoW?

AotC WoW (Ahead of the Curve) is an account-wide achievement that rewarded for defeating the last boss of the actual raid in heroic difficulty before the next patch or until AotC achievement will be removed.

What does the saying ahead of the curve mean?

The phrase “ahead of the curve” is an example of an idiom, in that it means someone who is ahead of others or a schedule in terms of learning something new or completing a task, or who has more knowledge or ability than others. The phrase “ahead of the curve” comes from the practice of plotting test results on a graph.

What does behind the curve mean?

behind the curve. adjective. The definition of behind the curve refers to something or someone who is not quite able to keep up or not quite up to the times. An example of behind the curve is a person who laughs at a joke two minutes after everyone else gets it. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What does ahead of mean?

“Ahead of time” is an English idiom that is used when something is occurring before a specific moment or milestone in time.

What does move ahead mean?

Definition of move ahead/along. 1. : to make progress. The project is finally starting to move ahead.