What famous brothers are actors?

What famous brothers are actors?

Keanen Ivory, Shawn, Marlon and Damon Wayans are four brothers who have worked as directors, screenwriters, comedians and actors. Keanen Ivory has worked as an actor but is best known for writing White Chicks and Littleman. Shawn and Marlon are best known for their work on The Wayans Bros. and White Chicks.

How many McGann brothers are actors?

McGann was born in Kensington, Liverpool to a metallurgist father also named Joe, and a teacher mother named Clare. His three younger brothers – Paul, Mark and Stephen – are also actors.

Who are all the McGann brothers?

Joe McGann
Stephen McGannMark McGannJohn McGann
Paul McGann/Brothers

Who is the most successful McGann brother?

Paul, 59, has enjoyed a successful career as an actor. He is probably the most famous out of his brothers. Paul has starred in many TV shows and films, including Agatha Christie’s Marple, The Musketeers, Holby City and Hornblower. Paul also played the eighth incarnation of the Doctor in the Doctor Who 1996 film.

Are Paul and Stephen McGann brothers?

Paul John McGann (/məˈɡæn/; born 14 November 1959) is an English actor….

Paul McGann
Spouse(s) Annie Milner
Children Joseph McGann Jake McGann
Relatives Joe McGann (brother) Mark McGann (brother) Stephen McGann (brother)

Who played the ninth Doctor?

Christopher EcclestonDoctor Who: Children in Need
Ninth Doctor/Played by

The Ninth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Christopher Eccleston during the first series of the show’s revival in 2005.

Who is the most popular male actor?


  • 1 Denzel Washington82%
  • 2 Morgan Freeman80%
  • 3 Harrison Ford77%
  • Samuel L. Jackson76%
  • 5 Sean Connery76%
  • 6 Eddie Murphy76%
  • 7 James Earl Jones75%
  • 8 Tom Hanks75%

Was Joe McGann a twin?

He told ITV in an interview: “The oldest of the McGan brothers sadly died at birth, they were twins. “They were called Joseph and John.

Who are some famous actors that have siblings?

Sibling rivalry: 10 pairs of sibling actors who have hit it big 1 Rooney and Kate Mara. While it was initially all about Kate with roles in successful projects like House of Cards, 24, Brokeback Mountain, and American Horror Story: Murder House, her 2 Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. 3 Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine.

Who is the most famous British actor of all time?

100 Great British Actors. 1 1. George Arliss. Actor | Disraeli. One of the oldest actors on the screen in the 1920s and 1930s, George Arliss starred on the London stage from an 2 2. Arthur Askey. 3 3. Rowan Atkinson. 4 4. Richard Attenborough. 5 5. Felix Aylmer.

Who is John Briers?

Like Ronnie Barker, was a top British sitcom actor in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Had a great range. Briers went on to appear in a number of films, including Branagh’s Shakespeare.

How many siblings does Kenneth Branagh have?

Kenneth Charles Branagh was born on December 10, 1960, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to parents William Branagh, a plumber and carpenter, and Frances (Harper), both born in 1930. He has two siblings, William Branagh, Jr. (born 1955) and Joyce Branagh (born 1970).