What happened elaida wot?

What happened elaida wot?

After being chastised by the Hall, she remains as the Amyrlin, but her position is now tenuous with regard to the Hall. Later that same night, when the Seanchan raid the White Tower, Elaida is taken and renamed Suffa. She is later brought before Fortuona, Empress of Seanchan, and forced to demonstrate Traveling.

What happened to Alviarin?

Alviarin disappears before Egwene can capture her. She returns to Tel’aran’rhiod and is part of the Black sisters’ attack on Egwene and the White Tower Aes Sedai.

When did Verin become black Ajah?

929 NE
In 929 NE, she joined the Black Ajah because she was caught while inquiring too deeply into their existence.

What do the Blue Ajah do?

Blue Ajah. Focuses on causes of righteousness and justice. They are the sixth largest Ajah, and the leader’s title is First Selector, which, at the moment, is Lelaine Akashi. They have the largest eyes-and-ears network.

How old is Logain?

History. Logain was born as a Ghealdanin noble in 971 NE. He began channeling saidin in around 992 NE to 993 NE, and declared himself to be the Dragon Reborn in 995 NE, when King Johanin and the Crown High Council of Ghealdan stripped him of his land and titles.

Who is the most powerful AES sedai?

Nynaeve is the strongest Aes Sedai. However, among the Light siders, Alivia is far stronger and Sharina will become stronger. I would say that Alivia > Cyndane, instead of both tied at level 20 (Lanfear at 21).

Who killed Mazrim Taim?

Using thirteen Myrddraal and thirteen channelers, he Turned other Asha’man and Aes Sedai to the Shadow. Moridin named him a Forsaken; he used the name M’Hael. Taim did a great deal of damage during the Last Battle before being killed by Egwene.

What was Alviarin doing in Tremalking?

Achmed. Upon returning to the White Tower, Alviarin took care to dust off the red dirt from her feet, which was only found on Tremalking. This was in CoT, after saidin was cleansed.

What did Verin do Beldine?

Swearing fealty to the Dragon Verin has Beldeine brought to her for questioning. She uses a mild Compulsion on Beldeine and gives her instructions to follow.

How did the Wheel of Time End?

The very final scene, where Rand lights his pipe and heads off into the world was the ending scene that Robert Jordan wrote when it became clear that he would not finish the series on his own. Rand’s body is definitely burning in the pyre at the end. Cadsuane does end up being the next Amyrlin.

Who does Rand marry in the Wheel of Time?

Aviendha (ah-vee-EHN-dah) is a Wise One of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel, and one of the three lovers of Rand al’Thor.

How many Ajah are there?

seven Ajahs
The Aes Sedai split themselves into one of seven Ajahs: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Gray, Brown, and White. Each Ajah has its own purpose and leaders.