What happened in the 2013 NFL season?

What happened in the 2013 NFL season?

2013 National Football League season. The 2013 NFL season was the 94th season in the history of the National Football League (NFL). The season saw the Seattle Seahawks capture the first championship in the franchise’s 38 years in the league with a lopsided 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, the league’s championship game.

Where was the 2013 NFL Draft held?

The 2013 NFL Draft was the 78th annual meeting of National Football League (NFL) franchises to select newly eligible football players. The draft, which is officially called the “NFL Player Selection Meeting”, was held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York, on April 25 through April 27.

Who is the 2013 NFL Defensive Player of the Year?

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly earned Defensive Player of the Year honors. Scoring reached historic levels throughout the league in 2013. As a whole the league set records for total points scored, points scored per game and the number of both touchdowns and field goals scored.

What was the salary cap for the 2013 NFL season?

Both home teams prevailed to set up just the second Super Bowl matchup of #1 seeds in the past 20 seasons. The 2013 league year began at 4 pm EST on March 12, which marked the start of the league’s free agency period. The per-team salary cap was set at US$ 123,000,000.

Where can I find in-game highlights and daily fantasy football updates?

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When did the 2014 NFL playoffs start?

The playoffs began with the wild card round which took place the first weekend of January 2014. The league’s propensity for scoring did not abate in the post-season, as exemplified by the Indianapolis Colts’ wild come-from-behind 45–44 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs’ opening game.

Who is in the 2013 NFL Hall of Fame Game?

In the game, which was televised nationally on NBC, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 24–20. The 2013 Hall of Fame class of Larry Allen, Cris Carter, Curley Culp, Jonathan Ogden, Bill Parcells, Dave Robinson and Warren Sapp was honored during the game.

What picks do the Jets have in the 2014 NFL Draft?

The Jets received the Bucs’ first round draft pick in 2013, the 13th overall selection (which the Jets used to select Sheldon Richardson) and a conditional pick which would become the Bucs’ fourth-round selection in 2014, the 104th overall pick.