What happened to EqualLogic?

What happened to EqualLogic?

EqualLogic products are iSCSI-based storage area network (SAN) systems marketed by Dell. Before the acquisition by Dell in January 2008, EqualLogic was an independent company. …

What happened to Dell EqualLogic?

Dell EqualLogic is a line of iSCSI storage-area network (SAN) devices. EqualLogic was formed as an independent company in 2001, but was acquired by Dell Inc. for $1.4 billion in January 2008.

How do I change my EqualLogic controller?

equallogic controller module replacement

  1. connect to active console.
  2. shutdown.
  3. power down the array.
  4. remove the ctrl.
  5. remove the MIcroSD card from the old unit.
  6. insert it into replacement unit.
  7. Insert the replacement ctrl.
  8. Power on the unit.

Who owns EqualLogic?

EqualLogic/Parent organizations

How do I access the EqualLogic group manager?

You can access Group Manager’s graphical user interface (GUI) from any web browser with access to the EqualLogic SAN….Log In to the Group Manager GUI

  1. In your web browser, type the group IP address.
  2. Enter the account name.
  3. Enter the password that was specified when the account was created.

What is Dell EMC storage?

Dell EMC sells data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyze data. Dell EMC’s target markets include large companies and small- and medium-sized businesses across various vertical markets.

How do I connect to EqualLogic?

EqualLogic PS Initial Setup

  1. Connect to the SAN via a serial cable to the active storage processor.
  2. Enter the group login and password (grpadmin/grpadmin is default). PS Series Storage Arrays.
  3. Enter the command “setup”, followed by your required network configuration and password(s).
  4. Basic configuration is now complete.

What is Dell group manager?

Group Manager provides detailed information about SAN and NAS configuration, and enables storage managers to perform group administration tasks such as provisioning, snapshots, replication scheduling, and other management requirements quickly and easily, using windows and dialog boxes.

How do I access Dell EMC storage?

Log in with the EMC Unisphere tool to access EMC storage. Select a storage system. Go to Storage >Storage Configuration >Storage Pools.

Is EMC part of Dell?

Dell took on $48.6B in debt to acquire the storage giant Dell’s 2015 decision to buy EMC for $67 billion remains the largest pure tech deal in history, but a transaction of such magnitude created a mountain of debt for the Texas-based company and its primary backer, Silver Lake.

How do I reset my EqualLogic password?

Give Dell a call at 1-877-887-7337. Type it in, and your array gives you a challenge. Tell the techie what your challenge is, and they’ll give you a response. That challenge/response process gets you into your array, and gives you an excellent opportunity to change your EqualLogic password!

How do I reset my EqualLogic ps6100?

How To Reset an EqualLogic PS SAN

  1. Enter the group login and password (grpadmin/grpadmin is default).
  2. Enter the command “reset” and read the warning.
  3. 4 . If you want to reset the SAN enter “DeleteAllMyDataNow”.
  4. Reset this array to factory defaults? [
  5. The SAN will then reset and reboot, ready for initial configuration.

What is Dell EqualLogic PS6210 iSCSI SAN?

This manual describes how to install Dell™ EqualLogic® PS6210 storage array hardware, configure the software, and start using the iSCSI SAN array. With one or more PS Series storage arrays, you can create a PS Series group—a self-managing, iSCSI storage area network (SAN) that is affordable and easy to use, regardless of scale.

What is a PS6210 array?

About the PS6210 Array The PS6210 is a PS6x10 10GbE class EqualLogic® PS Series array that continues the focus by Dell™ on industry-standard features and capabilities for the midrange iSCSI SAN market. PS6210 Features

What is the Dell PS6210?

The PS6210 is a PS6x10 10GbE class EqualLogic® PS Series array that continues the focus by Dell™ on industry-standard features and capabilities for the midrange iSCSI SAN market. PS6210 Features The PS6210 array is available in two different form factors, a 2U chassis with 24 2.5-inch drives, and a 4U chassis with 24 3.5-inch drives.

How do I contact Dell EqualLogic technical support?

To contact Dell EqualLogic Technical Support by phone, if you are located in the United States, call 800-945-3355. For a listing of International Dell EqualLogic support numbers, visit dell.com/support/home.