What happened to Ironlak?

What happened to Ironlak?

Ironlak is now available in new art store locations across the USA & Canada making the product more accessible than ever.

Are Ironlak markers good?

These are great for sketching, doing custom work on hats or kicks or doing pieces and throwies on canvas. The paint is opaque and it dries pretty fast. No odor and though it’s permanent, it comes of easy if you stain your clothes. Best part, it’s not hella expensive and can be refilled once empty.

Is Ironlak good for graffiti?

Ironlak has come a long way over the years developing a world famous graffiti brand that resonates with a whole generation of writers. However, over the years, Ironlak has updated their gear and formulas and these issues are not as common and the overall quality has gone much better.

Where is Ironlak from?

Over the past four years our paint has been made in Australia and although many of you were happy with the level we had taken it to, many still weren’t satisfied with some of the product’s flaws.

Are Ironlak cans male or female?

Ironlak Vegan Caps Skinny Nozzles This is a male nozzle that is suitable for use on all Ironlak aerosol products and most female valve spray cans.

How long does Ironlak take to dry?

Dry time: Ten minutes touch dry. Adhesion: 0 B.

Can you use Ironlak spray paint on plastic?

Paint that covers well the first time lets you get your work done quickly, with fewer coats, on almost any surface. So whether you’re getting busy on timber, concrete, steel or raw brick, you can expect paint to go on thick, with levelling properties that also make for smooth painting of canvas, pottery and plastics.

Who invented Ironlak?

Well, that’s the question we posed to Levi Ramsey. As the mastermind behind Australian aerosol paint company Ironlak, Levi started the brand in 2002 with zero knowledge of the paint industry.

What kind of paint is Ironlak?

spray paint
Back in 2008, Ironlak became the first artist spray paint in the world to introduce an acrylic resin system.

Is Ironlak an acrylic?

Ironlak Fluid is designed to be a free-flowing acrylic that’s perfect for manipulation once applied to a surface. Although the paint retains elasticity while wet, and flows like water, it still highly opaque.

What is the ironlak shop?

Made for writers, by writers, that’s the Ironlak formula. If you’re in to graffiti, the Ironlak shop has something in store for you, and much more.

What is the history of ironlak graffiti?

Ironlak brought affordable high quality paint to the masses in a major way which forever changed the game. When the first Ironlak cans hit the paint racks in Australian graff shops back in 2004, a new era in graffiti had emerged.

Is ironalk a good brand?

What was once a writer’s vision has become a successful empire with some of the world’s top writers proudly representing the brand that always stuck to its true graffiti roots. Ironalk is constantly innovating and perfecting their long line of products, putting out cutting edge tools and content that resonates with writers on all levels.