What happens if Amazon seller account is suspended?

What happens if Amazon seller account is suspended?

A suspended seller will also receive a notification titled “Your Amazon.com selling privileges have been removed” with a list of ASINs that Amazon believe have violated their policies. Performance-related suspension notifications will start off like this: I thought we were friends Amazon!

How do I Unsuspend my Amazon seller account?

Steps to get your Amazon account reinstated from a suspension:

  1. Read the suspension notice.
  2. Diagnose the reason suspended, and identify how to adhere the policy Amazon claims you violated.
  3. Fix the problem.
  4. THEN – Write an appeal response to the suspension.
  5. Wait 7 days.

How long is Amazon suspension?

How long do Amazon suspensions last? Suspensions can last anywhere from one day to forever, depending on how well they’re handled. Ideally, you appeal for reinstatement and they accept your Plan of Action on the first try.

How long are Amazon accounts suspended for?

How long does Amazon suspend your account? Amazon usually tells you that you have 17 days to appeal an account suspension, or they will close the account. If you have not successfully appealed in that time, Amazon needs to put you on a 90-day clock to determine a date for disbursing your final funds.

Why is my seller account suspended?

Restricted Product Listings. If you’re selling restricted (opens in new tab) , counterfeit (opens in new tab) or inauthentic products on Amazon, they’ll find out and suspend your account.

Why is my Amazon seller account not authorized?

Merchant Not Authorized Please pick a different merchant or marketplace.” This issue usually arises after making a change of vital information on your account, such as bank account information. It can also arise when you are having trouble verifying an account or have issues with related accounts.

How do I reactivate my suspended seller account on Amazon?

To reinstate your seller’s account, send a petition to Amazon. Use the below steps:

  1. In your account, go to the Seller Central.
  2. Navigate the performance tab, and from the dropdown choose Performance Notifications.
  3. Locate the Suspension Notice and then click on the appeal tab.

How long does it take to reactivate an Amazon seller account?

Amazon will review your request within 12-48 hours and send you a confirmation email once your account has been deactivated. If Amazon cannot close your account for some reason, they will send you an email detailing why the account can’t be closed and the steps you’ll need to take.

How long does it take to reactivate Amazon seller account?

Can Amazon suspend your account for too many returns?

Amazon doesn’t want to lose any customers unless it really has to. Most of the time, a warning about too many returns is enough to keep shoppers from going overboard. Amazon will contact you to let you know if your account is at risk of being banned, or if it is shut down after repeated policy violations.

How do I contact Amazon seller customer service?

Contact the seller after placing an order with them:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Find your order in the list.
  3. Select Problem with order.
  4. Choose your topic from list displayed.
  5. Select Contact seller.

What is Amazon merchant picker?

People who run these businesses are known as Amazon merchants or Amazon sellers. As the name suggests, they are people who sell their goods and products through the Amazon website. In fact, selling on Amazon is among the easiest and convenient ways to start a business online.

How can I get my suspended Amazon Seller account reactivated?

The first step is to find out why your account was suspended in the first place.

  • Next,you will need to outline an action plan for how you will address the issue and prevent it from happening in the future.
  • You can now begin the appeal process by logging into your Seller Central account and navigating to the Performance tab.
  • What to do if your Amazon Seller Central account suspended?

    Determine exactly why Amazon decided to suspend your account. Take steps to resolve the issues in the eyes of Amazon and the affected customers, if applicable. Implement new systems to ensure the issues do not happen again.

    Why does Amazon suspend sellers?

    If an Amazon seller is found to have more than one account they will get suspended immediately. Other reasons that lead to account suspensions are failures to address buyer complaints, getting reviews illegally, selling old products as new ones, not having the payment details confirmed and selling products that are not safe and are of poor quality .

    What to do if Amazon suspend your account?

    What to do if your Amazon account is suspended Reasons for an Amazon account suspension. If your Amazon account is suspended you’ll be notified by email, and until the suspension is removed you won’t be able to sell on Appealing your suspension. Understanding your Amazon suspension. Five essential elements of your Amazon appeal. Summary: What to do if your Amazon account is suspended.