What instruments are in a jazz trio?

What instruments are in a jazz trio?

A jazz trio is a group of three jazz musicians, often a piano trio comprising a pianist, a double bass player and a drummer.

Which of the following is the standard instrumentation for an organ trio?

An organ trio is a form of jazz ensemble consisting of three musicians; a Hammond organ player, a drummer, and either a jazz guitarist or a saxophone player.

Who pioneered jazz organ in the 60s?

Jimmy Smith personified the jazz organ revolution. He raised the organ—specifically the legendary Hammond B3, over which he reigned during the 1950s and 1960s—from a novelty instrument in jazz to primary status.

What is a jazz organ called?

The Hammond organ is an electric organ invented by Laurens Hammond and John M. Hanert and first manufactured in 1935. It quickly became popular with professional jazz musicians in organ trios, small groups centered on the Hammond organ. Jazz club owners found that organ trios were cheaper than hiring a big band.

How much does a jazz trio cost?

Local jazz combos or acoustic bands may cost between $750 and $1500, while the region’s most popular and exclusive party bands may cost $10,000 or more. On average, most great dance bands for weddings or special events are likely to cost between $2500 and $7500.

What is the easiest jazz instrument to learn?

The saxophone is probably the easiest jazz instrument to learn. Although it can be quite difficult to master and play well, with a bit of practice it is a great beginner musical instrument. One thing that makes it easier than other jazz instruments, say the trumpet, is that you don’t have to ‘hear the note’ to play it.

What do you call a group of musicians?

An ensemble is a group of musicians, dancers, or actors who perform together, like an ensemble which has been playing music together for several years.

Who was primarily responsible for establishing the Hammond B3 organ as a legitimate jazz instrument answer choices?

If you attend performances of jazz, rock, gospel, country, and other genres, you will likely hear the Hammond B3 organ. Not many listeners know that instrument by name, but they would easily recognize its sound in many genres of music. The Hammond Organ was developed in 1935, by a clock maker Laurens Hammond.

What keyboardist was responsible for making the Hammond B3 organ a part of jazz during the soul jazz movement?

Larry Goldings
Larry Goldings is known for his skill on both organ and piano. Musicians who play the Hammond B-3 — the electric organ found most often in jazz, soul and gospel — can forget about traveling light.

Who plays a Hammond b3?

The Hammond organ is an electric organ invented by Laurens Hammond and John M. Hanert. The instrument was first manufactured in 1935. It has two manuals along with a set of bass pedals….

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Lifetime 1947–2017
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