What is a 72 hour indoctrination?

What is a 72 hour indoctrination?

Within three days of your enlistment, you will be offered the 72-Hour Indoctrination. If there are scheduling conflicts with your family, your recruiter will be allowed up to five days to complete 72-Hour Indoctrination.

Does the Delayed Entry Program count towards time in service?

The time in the Delayed Entry Program does not count towards Military service until you sign and begin your active duty contract. To leave the DEP you must follow the Department of Defense Instruction 1332.14 which states that you have the right to leave if you do not meet enlistment standards.

How does the Delayed Entry Program work?

When you sign up for DEP, you have committed to ship out to boot camp on or by a certain date. You have signed legally binding documents that commit you to basic training, but until you actually graduate from basic training or boot camp, you have the option to change your mind at any time.

What are DEP meetings?

DEP is a program future Sailors attend before they leave for training after enlisting in the U.S. Navy. Future Sailors sign their contract and then meet with their recruiters regularly to train and study in preparation for life in the fleet.

How do I get a Buds contract?

Here is the 10-step checklist to go from civilian to BUD/S student/graduate.

  1. Train hard.
  2. Visit a recruiter (Do ASVAB, CSORT, get through MEPS).
  3. Crush the PST officially with the recruiting district SEAL/EOD/Diver/SWCC/AIRR mentor.
  4. Get submitted into the SPECWAR draft.
  5. Get a BUD/S contract.
  6. Attend boot camp.

What should I memorize for Navy boot camp?

  1. Navy Ranks. Memorizing the rank structure before going to Navy boot camp will help you with your confidence in knowing who you are addressing.
  2. Navy Core Values. Honor.
  3. 11 General Orders.
  4. Sailor’s Creed.
  5. Physical Requirements to Join the Navy.
  6. Read the Bluejacket’s Manual.
  7. Phonetic Alphabet.

Can you enlist after DEP discharge?

A DEP discharge has one negative effect: If you are discharged from the DEP, and later want to enlist in that same service, you will require a waiver. While waivers are usually granted, you may lose certain benefits, such as the ability to chose what job you want, or what date you will ship out to basic training.

Can you back out after MEPS?

If you went through all the motions of signing up for a military service only to decide it is not right for you and you have NOT been to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and have NOT taken an Oath of Enlistment, you are free to quit the process at any time.

Can you get out of delayed enlistment?

In reality, this never happens. It is the Department of Defense’s policy that anyone can request to be released from the Delayed Enlistment Program, but the request must be approved by the Secretary of that branch of service.

How long do Dep calls last?

First DEP meeting is in 2 hours. What should I expect? Expect to stand around awkwardly for an hour and maybe get in trouble if you haven’t memorized some of the stuff in your START guide.

How long after MEPS do I go to basic training?

Everything together should take two days, though there are some situations that may make things shorter or longer. Some people will go into their branch’s delayed entry program (DEP) and go home after MEPS to wait until their ship-out date. Others will embark to basic training immediately after MEPS.

Can Form I-9 be completed before the start of work?

If Form I-9 is completed after the employee accepts the offer of employment, but before the actual start of work for pay or other remuneration, it is possible that the first day of employment recorded on Form I-9 could change after the employer created the case in E-Verify.

Who is not subject to Form I-9 in the CNMI?

Individuals hired for employment in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) on or before November 27, 2009, are not subject to Form I-9 and their employers may not create cases in E-Verify for them based on this employment. 2.2.3 Review Case- And Are You Sure?

Are H-2B employers obligated to enforce DOL regulations?

However, the 2016 DOL Appropriations Act and continuing resolutions did not vacate these regulatory provisions, and they remain in effect, thus imposing a legal duty on H-2B employers, even though the Department will not use any funds to enforce them until such time as the rider may be lifted