What is a community correction order Victoria?

What is a community correction order Victoria?

A community corrections order is an order that allows you to serve your sentence in the community. These court orders have at least one condition attached. These conditions differ according to the kind of offence you have been found guilty of and your particular circumstances.

When were community corrections orders introduced in Victoria?

January 2012
Community correction orders (‘CCO’s) were introduced as a sentencing option in Victoria in January 2012. They replaced a number of previously existing community‐based sentences, including intensive correction orders (‘ICOs’), community‐based orders (‘CBOs’) and combined custody and treatment orders.

Is a community service order a conviction?

Is it classed as a conviction? Yes.

What is a corrective service order?

A ‘community corrections order’ (CCO) is a penalty that a Judge or Magistrate can impose for more serious types of criminal or traffic offences which involve imposing a conviction, with conditions. …

How long does a community order stay on your record?

A community order or youth rehabilitation order which has no specific end date has a default rehabilitation period of two years from the date of conviction. Changes made in 2012/13 mean that all future community orders have an end date. These are only regarded as spent once they are paid in full.

What happens if you breach a community corrections order in Victoria?

The maximum penalty for contravening a CCO is 3 months in prison or a fine of up to $4,550.10. If you have committed another offence while on a CCO and that offence is punishable by a prison sentence, then you will be sent to prison unless there are exceptional circumstances why you should not.

What is a 2 year community order?

It means your punishment will be carried out in the community instead of prison. A Community Order is made up of one or more ‘requirements’ that the court can order you to do. For less serious offences you may receive just one requirement as part of your order.

How serious is a community order?

A Community Order can be imposed for offences that are serious but not so serious as to warrant custody. It means your punishment will be carried out in the community instead of prison. A Community Order is made up of one or more ‘requirements’ that the court can order you to do.

What is community correction order?

A community correction order (CCO) is a sentence imposed by a court that allows offenders to complete their sentences in a community setting, rather than in prison. CCOs can be imposed for a maximum of two years per offence, and are limited to offenders who have committed less serious offences.

What convictions can never be spent?

If you’ve received a conviction for a sexual or violent offence it will never be spent. Providing you didn’t receive a prison sentence of over 4 years (or a sentence like an IPP sentence), your conviction will become spent at some point, irrespective of the nature of the offence.

How does a community order work?

What is the maximum length of a community order UK?

3 years
Community orders can last for up to 3 years and must include at least one specific requirement in the list below, but sometimes there can be a number of such requirements combined within a community order.