What is a Kawasaki ZXR400?

What is a Kawasaki ZXR400?

The Kawasaki ZXR400 was a Kawasaki motorcycle introduced in 1989. It was one of the first and most popular of the 400 cubic centimetres (24 cu in) sport bikes that swept across Japan and later Europe in the 1990s. It was discontinued in 2003.

What is the difference between a zx400j1 and a H2?

The H1 Sport Production model was known as ZX400J1, and the H2 equivalent was ZX400J2.The L model dropped the “Sport Production” decals and instead had “400R” on the number board, and was simply known as ZX400M.These models are identified through the VIN, which begins with the digit 3.

Is the Kawasaki ZXR a good race replica?

Although the ZXR is right out of the no compromise race replica box, it’s hard not to enjoy. It not only looks superb, it delivers just what you expect a Kawasaki race replica to – namely a screaming engine with bags of power, a stiff chassis with decent suspesnion and a completely bonkers riding experience.

When did the ZXR go out of production?

Believe it or not, the ZXR only went out of production in 2003 and ran most of its 16-year life virtually unaltered. Unlike the majority of the 400s, whose flames burned briefly and brightly in the 1990s then flickered and died at the turn of the century, the ZXR smouldered well into the 2000s.

How fast can a ZXR go?

Peak power is 59hp at 12,500rpm, which is industry standard and all the Japanese allow themselves for 400s. That’s still enough to take you to the (restricted) top speed of 112mph in fairly short order. The ZXR is typically Kawasaki-ish in that it needs a firm hand and plenty of revs to get the best from it.

How much power does a Honda ZXR have?

Using a water-cooled double overhead cam inline four-cylinder engine, the ZXR displaces 398cc from a bore and stroke of 57mm x 39mm. Peak power is 59hp at 12,500rpm, which is industry standard and all the Japanese allow themselves for 400s.

What do you think about the Suzuki ZXR?

The ZXR looks like a pukka piece of tackle – the swoopy seat unit, the twin headlamp fairing, the upside down forks – it all looks seriously purposeful. asthmatic, but when the tacho is swinging between five and eight grand the ZXR is getting into it’s stride.