What is a Prometheus blood test?

What is a Prometheus blood test?

PROMETHEUS® Crohn’s Prognostic combines serologic and genetic markers in an innovative blood test that quantifies a patient’s individual probability of developing disease complications over time. Serologic markers include ASCA IgA, ASCA IgG and priority markers anti-CBir1, anti-I2, anti-OMPC, and DNAse sensitive pANCA.

What is a Prometheus Anser Ada test?

The PROMETHEUS Anser ADA test is a next generation quantitative monitoring assay that allows healthcare providers to measure and monitor serum ADA and ATA levels at anytime during therapy.

What is a Prometheus IBD panel?

The PROMETHEUS® IBD sgi Diagnostic® is the 4th-generation IBD diagnostic test and the first and only test to combine serologic, genetic, and inflammation markers in the proprietary Smart Diagnostic Algorithm for added diagnostic clarity.

What is an IFX test?

The Anser IFX test is a next generation quantitative infliximab monitoring assay that measures and monitors serum IFX and ATI levels at anytime during therapy. ​Anser IFX measures serum infliximab (IFX levels) and antibodies to infliximab (ATI).

How accurate is Prometheus test?

With an overall accuracy of 92%, this unprecedented diagnostic test is the most comprehensive IBD test available with proprietary markers to help physicians diagnose inflammatory bowel disease (“IBD”) and to differentiate the subtypes of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

How accurate is IBD blood test?

By using a rule of “any two or three positive tests out of three predict IBD”, 85.7% sensitivity (95% CI 77.2 to 92.0%), and 89.8% specificity (95% CI 77.8 to 96.6%) was obtained.

Can a blood test detect inflammatory bowel disease?

Although a blood test cannot confirm that you have IBD, it can help rule out conditions that cause similar symptoms. Doctors typically draw a small amount of blood, then send it to a laboratory for testing. Results are usually available in one to two days. Blood tests can reveal several telltale signs of IBD.

Can you have multiple myeloma without M protein?

Some people with multiple myeloma don’t make enough M proteins or light chains for tests to show they have it. This is called non-secretory myeloma. A bone marrow biopsy can help diagnose this type of myeloma.

How long does a Prometheus blood test take?

Schedule: TAT: 3 to 4 business days from date of receipt at Prometheus
Method: ELISA, Chemiluminescent Assay, Indirect Immunofluorescent Assay, Nucleic Acid Probes
Performing Lab: Prometheus Laboratories; #1800

Can a blood test rule out IBD?

What are Prometheus ® Anser ® IFX and Prometheus® Anser® Ada?

PROMETHEUS ® Anser ® IFX and PROMETHEUS ® Anser ® ADA are novel laboratory-developed tests that can measure both infliximab or adalimumab and antibody levels from one serum sample. Importantly, they have been validated with more than 4,000 clinical IBD patient samples and are supported by multiple peer-reviewed publications.

Why choose Prometheus diagnostics?

Our industry-leading GI diagnostic portfolio provides actionable results across the patient journey. From diagnosis to treatment, disease monitoring and through remission, the Prometheus suite of tests are purpose-built to confidently guide patient care decisions.. Our diagnostic platform addresses many unmet medical needs of GI patients.

How do I request a Prometheus Anser test?

Remind your patient to give the completed PROMETHEUS Anser Test Requisition Form to the mobile phlebotomist (or local blood draw center), along with the copy of the front and back of your patient’s insurance card.

What is Prometheus ® Anser ® VdZ?

PROMETHEUS ® Anser ® VDZ is a laboratory-developed monitoring test that measures both serum drug concentrations and antibodies to vedolizumab levels even in the presence of vedolizumab from one sample anytime during treatment.