What is a TUF shoe?

What is a TUF shoe?

One of the iconic English shoe companies of the 1960s were Tuf shoes. The company sold their shoes under several diffeent brands. While the firm that made them may not have been the first to produce a vulcanised rubber sole which was welded on to the body of the shoe, it was the first to market and advertise them aggressively.

Where can I buy TUFS?

Tufs were widely distributed in shoe shops across the land, both the national chains and family-owned stores. We went to a small shop in the high street and the assistant responded to the request for school shoes by a strong recommendation for Tuf shoes. My feet were simply measured and a size with sufficient room for growth was selected.

What is a good gift for a first year teacher?

OR gift cards for a massage, a fancy car wash, or a nail salon — enough to cover the full cost of at least one service, of course. The best gift I’ve ever gotten as a teacher was a massage gift certificate. Working with kindergarteners had you all over the classroom.

Did TUF ever sell their shoes under different brands?

Tuf did not sell their shoes under different brands”. They were always branded as ‘Tuf’ in the familiar black box. In the 1960s they marketted shoes under the ‘Tuf Pacesetter’ and ‘Tuf New Pacesetters’. The original Pacesetter certainly had leather uppers.