What is Angela Merici the patron saint of?

What is Angela Merici the patron saint of?

Angela Merici was beatified on April 30, 1768 by Pope Clement XIII and canonized May 24, 1807 by Pope Pius VII. Angela is often attributed with a cloak and ladder. She is the patron saint of sickness, disabled and physically challenged people, and those grieving the loss of parents.

What did St Angela Merici teach?

Merici taught her companions to serve God, but to remain in the world, teaching the girls of their own neighborhood, and to practice a religious form of life in their own homes. The members wore no special habit and took no formal religious vows.

Why did Angela Merici become a saint?

A Vision. In 1506, while praying, Angela Merici was said to have had a grand vision in which angels and maidens descended from heaven and a voice instructed her to found an association of virgins under the guidance of St. Ursula. Ursula was a fourth-century virgin and martyr venerated as a protector of women.

Were any Catholic saints married?

Of more than 10,000 formally recognized saints, only about 500 have been married, even though many billions of married people have roamed the Earth over the centuries.

Where is Angela Merici from?

Desenzano del Garda, Italy
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Why did St Angela name her company after St Ursula?

They called themselves the Company of St. Ursula, taking as their patroness the medieval patron saint of education. Continuing to live in their family homes, they would meet regularly for conferences and prayer in common.

Who is the saint of students?

Thomas Aquinas studied and eventually taught theology. He is the patron saint of students.

Why did St Angela name her company after St. Ursula?

What was Angela’s first vision?

In 1506, while praying in the fields of Brudazzo, Angela had a vision in which she was told that she would found a society of virgins at Brescia. The citizens of Brescia came to regard her as a prophet and a saint. Meet extraordinary women who dared to bring gender equality and other issues to the forefront.

Who is the patron saint of husbands?


Saint Gangulphus of Burgundy
Patronage Saint of husbands unhappily married; tanners, shoemakers, children, and horses; invoked against knee pains, sicknesses affecting the eyes and skin; invoked against marital difficulties and adultery

Who is the patron saint of difficult marriages?

Saint Marguerite d’Youville
Saint Marguerite d’Youville She founded the Sisters of Charity of the General Hospital of Montreal (also known as the Grey Nuns) in 1737. She died at age 70 and was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1990. She is the patron saint of difficult marriages and her feast day is October 16.

How old was St Angela Merici when she died?

65 years (1474–1540)
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