What is BD AutoShield duo?

What is BD AutoShield duo?

The BD AutoShield Duo™ pen needle is a safety pen needle that comes in a 5-mm size to facilitate safer insulin injections. 1 Featuring patented automatic dual-protection shields on both ends of the needle, it helps prevent needlestick exposure and injury during injection and disposal.

How many times can you use the insulin pen needles?

Insulin pen needles should be used only once; they should be removed and discarded after an injection.

What is a BD sterile needle used for?

Used with the appropriate injection technique, the BD Ultra-Fine™ 4mm Pen Needle with EasyFlow™ Technology ensures medication is injected to the correct skin depth over 99.5 percent of the time, at all injection sites .

How much does a box of insulin syringes cost?

Costs of vials and syringes Syringes usually cost between $15 and $20 for a box of 100 depending on where you get them from. Based on where you live, you can purchase them over the counter or online at diabetes supplies stores. Vial prices vary for each brand and may change with little notice.

Is it OK to reuse insulin pen needles?

Some people with diabetes use their insulin syringes and lancets more than once to save money. But makers of syringes and lancets do not recommend using them more than once. Talk with your doctor before reusing these items.

Can I reuse my own needle?

Both needle and syringe must be discarded once they have been used. It is not safe to change the needle and reuse the syringe – this practice can transmit disease. A single-use vial is a bottle of liquid medication that is given to a patient through a needle and syringe.

Do BD pen needles require a prescription?

Most insulin syringes and pen needles can be purchased without a prescription however, a prescription is required for third-party coverage.

What are the 3 types of syringes?

What are the types of Syringes?

  • Insulin Syringe. One of the more common types of syringes, these are for single-use and are inexpensive.
  • Tuberculin Syringe. Tuberculin syringes are small in size and hold up to 1ml of fluid.
  • Multi-Shot Needle Syringe.
  • Venom Extraction Syringe.
  • Oral Syringe.
  • Dental Syringe.

Why choose BD autoshield™ duo?

• Colored shields on both the front and back-end needles provide visual and tactile confi rmation of safety • BD AutoShield™ Duo is the only pen needle that fi ts every diabetes pen4, so you get the highest level of protection – no matter which pen you use

How accurate is the BD autoshield duo pen needle?

The pen needle is rigorously tested for fit, function and dose accuracy. Because the BD AutoShield Duo pen needle does not require a pinch-up technique, the risk of needlestick injury during injection may be reduced.

How do you use autoshield duo needle?

BD AutoShield™ Duo Pen Needle BD AutoShield™ Duo is the only needle that eliminates “pinch up” for injection and provides passive protection after use. AttachDuo to any pen your facility uses. Inject straight in at a 90 degree angle – no second hand, no pinch1 up technique.