What is below the Underdark?

What is below the Underdark?

The Middledark is the Underdark proper as we know it. It’s where all the ‘Underdark’ adventures take place, with Drow, Duergar and Mind Flayers. The Lowerdark is even further down, and is a place where even the Drow fear treading.

What is the Upperdark?

The Upper Dark is the highest point of the Underdark and goes from the surface to roughly 3 miles below the surface. The majority of the undardarks inhabitants are found in this area as it is the least hostile place to live.

How deep is the Upperdark?

At least 26 miles deep, with rumoured unexplored caverns 40 miles deep, though most of the known Underdark is within 10 miles of the surface.

What lives in the Underdark?

The Underdark is “a vast subterranean realm inhabited by drow, mind flayers, aboleth, and other strange, sinister creatures….These include:

  • Aboleths.
  • Beholders.
  • Drow (dark elves)
  • Duergar (gray dwarves)
  • Dwarves.
  • Fomorian.
  • Illithids (Mind Flayers)
  • Hook horrors.

Are there dragons in the Underdark?

Deep dragons, also called purple dragons and drakes of the depths, were a type of chromatic dragon that lived in the Underdark.

Are there trees in the Underdark?

The trees of the Underdark Forest are naturally resistant to fire (1). This is a rare trait for coniferous trees that usually rely on regular forest fires to release the seeds of their cones, free up space for new plants, and enrich the soil with the ash of the burned trees (1).

What is a Quaggoth?

The quaggoth, also known as a deep bear for its furry appearance, is a subterranean bestial humanoid creature. They are commonly encountered in the Underdark of multiple worlds, including Faerûn and Oerth. The name “quaggoth” is pronounced “KWAG-uth”, with emphasis on the “quag”.

Are there seas in the Underdark?

The Glimmersea, sometimes called the Sea of the Starry Night, was a vast underground ocean lying in the Underdark of Toril.

Are there goblins in the Underdark?

In forgotten realms, goblins are very common slaves of the underdark races. Like super common.

Is the Underdark evil?

The inhabitants of the Underdark are primarily evil-aligned or simply incapable of surviving on the surface due to an intolerance for sunlight.

Are there forests in the Underdark?

The forest houses much of what would be found in the Underdark of other worlds (1). It is home to evils such as mind flayers (1) and good such as Svirfneblin monks and peaceful flumphs (2). There is also a biosphere above the canopy, not that the denizens beneath would ever know or care (1).

What kind of dragon is purple?

chromatic dragon
The Purple Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) is a type of dragon in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. It is an evil-aligned chromatic dragon.