What is Circline fluorescent?

What is Circline fluorescent?

Circline bulbs are not CFL’s. CFL bulbs contain their own ballast. That is why they can directly replace an incandescent bulb. Circline bulbs use an external ballast like a straight tube fluorescent.

How are Circline bulbs measured?

Circline bulbs are rated based on the diameter of the circle, measured in inches, and the T value, which is the diameter of the tube itself measured in eighths of an inch. For example, a FC15T9 circline light has a 16-inch diameter and a bulb that is 9/8-inch thick.

How many lumens is a 32 watt fluorescent bulb?

A T8 fluorescent that uses 32 watts of energy typically produces 2500 lumens of light.

What is the brightest circular light bulb?

5000K: You’ll get the brightest color, daylight white – like the color of the sun at noon, from a 5000K temperature circline CFL . This bulb is best suited for when you need the brightest light, like in painting and drawing rooms.

Are Circline fluorescent bulbs dimmable?

Some CFLs and circline fluorescent bulbs are dimmable, but this must be indicated on the package by the manufacturer. Circline fluorescent bulbs require a compatible dimmable ballast.

How do I identify a T8 bulb?

Linear fluorescent lamps typically include a “T” in the shape abbreviation with a number following it. This “T” stands for tube and the number that follows is the diameter of the tube. That number is divided into 8 to translate into inches. So a T8 has a one inch diameter.

How many lumens is a 36w fluorescent tube?


Technology Fluorescent
Light Output (Lumen) 3350
Beam Angle (degree) 360
Requires Ballast Yes
Luminous Efficacy (Lm/W) 93.1

How many lumens is a 36 watt fluorescent tube?

In the case of a 36 W LED lamp, it would emit about 3,600 lumens, without UV emissions, and with lower electricity costs.

Can you replace circular fluorescent tubes with LEDS?

Circular fluorescent tubes are a common light source found in oyster lights. This LED replacement from Philips allows you to upgrade to LED without replacing your entire light fitting. Reduce total energy consumption and running costs by about 50%. Lasts up to six times longer conventional T9 circular 32W fluoro tubes.