What is container port throughput?

What is container port throughput?

Port throughput measures reflect the amount of cargo or number of vessels the port handles over time. The throughput statistics included in this report are (1) cargo tonnage, (2) container TEU, and (3) vessel calls categorized by commodities carried.

Why is Hong Kong such a powerful shipping port?

A key factor in the economic development of Hong Kong, the natural shelter and deep waters of Victoria Harbour provide ideal conditions for berthing and the handling of all types of vessels. It is one of the busiest ports in the world, in the three categories of shipping movements, cargo handled and passengers carried.

What is terminal throughput?

the theoretical amount of throughput (in TEUs or moves) that a container terminal can handle in a year and is generally based on the size of the terminal’s container stacking area and the capacity of its quay, which in turn is based on the length of the quay and the capacity of the ship-to-shore cranes that are …

How many container terminals does Hong Kong have?

nine container terminals
Port of Hong Kong facilities The Port of Hong Kong has nine container terminals in the Kwai Chung area, Stonecutters Island and Tsing Yi. The consolidation of containers, breakbulk and bulk cargo operations are handled by the river trade terminal at Tsuen Mun.

How do you calculate container terminal capacity?

Demand approach

  1. Given the container movements through the yard per year, C (TEUs/year) and average transit time the container spends at the terminal, T (days).
  2. Obtain the average number of containers holding (HC) at a CY (TEUs/day): HC = C × T/365.
  3. Determine the appropriate area (A) requirements per TEU (m2/TEU).

How is shipping capacity calculated?

To adequately pack such containers, one would need to measure the width, height and length of the container and then multiply these numbers. For instance, a twenty foot long container may be five feet wide and ten feet tall. If you multiply these numbers by each other (i.e. 5 x 10 x 20), you get 1,000 cubic feet.

How deep is the Hong Kong Sea?

between 20 and 30 metres
Within marine waters covering about 1700 km², Hong Kong enjoys a remarkable range of different marine environments. The deeper waters to the east of the territory (which average between 20 and 30 metres in depth) have high clarity and salinity (salt content), and are basically oceanic.

How is annual throughput calculated?

How to Calculate Throughput Rates

  1. The calculation is: Throughput = total good units produced / time.
  2. Line efficiency = .90 x .93 x .92 = .77 or 77 percent efficiency for the line itself.
  3. Line throughput = 90 pieces per hour x .77 = 69 pieces per hour.

How many ports does Hong Kong have?

nine terminals
There are nine terminals operated by five different operators, namely Modern Terminals Ltd (MTL), Hongkong International Terminals Ltd (HIT), COSCO-HIT Terminals (Hong Kong) Ltd (CHT), Goodman DP World Hong Kong Ltd and Asia Container Terminals Ltd (ACT).

What is Equity throughput?

Since terminal operators have various stakes depending on the concerned terminal, equity-based throughput is commonly used to measure the respective amount of containerized traffic they handle. The five largest terminal operators are highly internationalized, with assets in several countries and regions of the world.

Where are the container terminals in Hong Kong?

Substantial container throughput is handled by the River Trade Terminal at Tuen Mun and by mid-stream. The Kwai Tsing Container Terminals (Kwai Chung Container Terminals until Container Terminal 9 was opened on Tsing Yi), located in the north-western part of the harbour, has nine container terminals with 24 berths of about 8,500 metres of frontage.

How many container terminals are there in Tsing port?

Kwai Tsing Port is home to nine container terminals that are financed and owned by five private operators, they are: Hongkong International Terminals Limited, Modern Terminals Limited, COSCO-HIT Terminals (Hong Kong) Limited, Asia Container Terminals Limited and Goodman DP World.

What is the total handling capacity of the container terminals?

A project to deepen the Basin and its approach to 17 metres has been substantially completed in April 2016. The total handling capacity of the container terminals is over 20 million TEUs per year.

How many TEUs are handled at the Kwai Chung-Tsing Yi container terminals?

In 2020, the Kwai Chung-Tsing Yi Container Terminals handled around 14.5 million TEUs, representing 80% of the port container throughput. The remaining 20% was handled at mid-stream sites, the river trade terminal, PCWAs, buoys and anchorages, and other wharves. Container terminals (CTs) are situated in the Kwai Chung-Tsing Yi basin.