What is cyberoam client?

What is cyberoam client?

Overview. Cyberoam General Authentication Client (CGAC) for Windows OS enables users using Windows Operating System to log-on to Cyberoam Server. Prerequisites. JDK or JRE version 1.6 or greater should be installed in client machine.

How do I access cyberoam remotely?

Go to VPN > IPSec > Connection and click Export icon against the connection whose detail is to be exported and used for connection. Cyberoam will prompt to save the connection parameter in the tgb format. Save and mail the saved file to the remote user. Click under Status (Active) to activate the connections.

How do I download SSL VPN client from Cyberoam?

For Tunnel Access, user needs to access internal resources through an SSL VPN Client. – Download the SSL VPN client from the Cyberoam website by clicking “Installer”. – Download the client configurationfrom the Portal. – Install the client on theremote user’s system.

How can I access cyberoam from public IP?

Go to Firewall >Virtual Host >Virtual Host and click Add to create a virtual host with parameters given below. Name to identify the Virtual Host. Select the IP Family. The IP address through which Internet users access internal server/host.

Is cyberoam a virus?

Cyberoam allows protocol-based Anti Virus scanning for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, HTTTP and HTTPS traffic.

What does a cyberoam do?

Cyberoam attaches user identity to security while authenticating, authorizing & auditing (AAA), the network allowing a network administrator to see and control the ‘user’ on a network instead of just an IP address.

What is virtual host in Cyberoam?

Virtual host implementation is based on the Destination NAT concept of older versions of Cyberoam. Virtual Host maps services of a public IP address to services of a host in a private network. In other words, itis a mapping of public IP address to an internal IP address.

How do I create a virtual host in Sophos?

To create Virtual Host, go to Firewall > Virtual Host > Virtual Host and click Add to add a host as per parameters given below. Name to identify the Virtual Host. The IP address through which Internet users access the internal server/host.

How do I access SSL VPN?


  1. Specify an address range for SSL VPN clients.
  2. Create a user group for SSL VPN clients and add a user.
  3. Define a local subnet and remote SSL VPN range.
  4. Add an SSL VPN remote access policy.
  5. Add a firewall rule.
  6. Download the SSL VPN client software from the client and connect to the internal network.

How do I run SSL VPN?

  1. Step 1 Download& Install SSL VPN client access. Go to the below link, follow the red arrow mark and download SSL VPN client.
  2. Step 2 Download SSL VPN Configuration tar file.
  3. Step 3 Import the configuration file.
  4. Step 5 Configure SSL VPN server IP address.
  5. Step 6 Login to access network resources or Internet.

What is the default IP address for Cyberoam?
The Cyberoam can be accessed using PortA with the default IP 172.16. 16.16.

What is the default IP of Cyberoam?