What is Deutsch DRC series connector?

What is Deutsch DRC series connector?

The Deutsch DRC Series Connector is a rectangular connector that offers insert arrangements of 24,40,50,60,64,70,76, and 80 cavities. These connectors accept size 12,16 and 20 contacts and are available in In-line, Flange Mount and PCB mounting options.

What kind of connectors does Deutsch make?

Deutsch Connectors Deutsch Connectors – ‘DT‑Series’ Deutsch’s DT Series connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. The DT design strengths include optional flange mounting, multi‑pin arrangements, lower cost, and design flexibility.

What are Deutsch AEC series connectors?

The Deutsch AEC Series Connector are square, heavy duty, environmentally sealed electrical connectors that accept size 16 contacts. These connectors are available in In-line or PCB mounting options.

What are Deutsch DTM connectors?

Deutsch DTM Series of connectors feature a miniature contact with an enhanced design based on the field-proven Deutsch “DT” Series. Applications include on or around the engine, the transmission and under the hood. Everywhere data signals or critical electronic circuits go, the field proven design will provide reliable connector performance.

What are Deutsch as standard series connectors?

As the original autosport dedicated range of connectors, DEUTSCH AS Standard Series Connectors were the first range of high-specification connectors designed specifically for the professional racing industry.

What size wire is used in Deutsch connectors?

Using Deutsch #23 contacts, this connector still retains all of the critical features of the traditional lines. Deutsch Quick Connect Series compact connectors feature 3 contact arrangements (2,7 and 12) with wire gauges 16 to 26 AWG and contact sizes 16, 20 and 22.