What is haywire movie?

What is haywire movie?

Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is a highly trained operative for a government security contractor. Her missions take her to the world’s most dangerous areas. After Mallory successfully frees a hostage journalist, she’s betrayed and left for dead by someone in her own agency. Knowing her survival depends on learning the truth behind the double-cross, Mallory uses her black-ops training to set a trap. But when things go awry, Mallory knows she’ll die unless she can turn the tables on her adversary.
Haywire/Film synopsis

Is haywire a good movie?

“Haywire” is an amazing film. After all, it stars a relatively unknown actress (Gina Carano) and yet is make by one of the top directors and features cameos from some top stars. Clearly, they feel Ms. Carano can be a top star herself–and I strongly agree.

Who is the girl in haywire?

Gina CaranoMallory Kane
Debby Lynn RossDiner WaitressNatascha BergLilianaGina Clayton

What is haywire rated?

Haywire/MPAA rating

Is haywire on Netflix?

Gina Carano’s Movie ‘Haywire’ Leaving Netflix in Wake of ‘Mandalorian’ Firing. The movie was produced by Relativity Media, and was not a Netflix Original Film, so it was bound to leave the catalog eventually.

Is haywire based on a book?

Haywire is a 1977 memoir by actress and writer Brooke Hayward (born 1937), daughter of theatrical agent and producer Leland Hayward and actress Margaret Sullavan….Haywire (book)

First edition
Author Brooke Hayward
Genre Memoir
Publisher Alfred A. Knopf
Publication date February 1977

Is the movie Haywire on Netflix?

Carano’s 2011 movie Haywire is leaving Netflix at the end of the month, and it now appears in the platform’s “last chance to watch” section.” While it may be that the licensing deal is simply running out, some fans are questioning the timing of this movie.

Is Haywire kid friendly?

Age Appropriate for: 15+. Action violence, with typical drawn-out hand-to-hand combat, but the main characters both getting beaten up and fighting back is a woman, which caused some initial squeamishness from audiences at a recent screening.

How does haywire end?

Haywire ends with Mallory learning of her setup She inadvertently led the journalist to Studer, who killed him, but she was framed with the murder after it came out she planned on leaving the private intelligence firm she used to be a part of.

Is haywire available on Netflix?

What was the budget for haywire?

23 million USD
25 million USD