What is Livermorium atomic mass?

What is Livermorium atomic mass?

293 u
Livermorium/Atomic mass

What is the atomic weight of lead?

207.2 u
Lead/Atomic mass

Why is element 116 called Livermorium?

The element is named after the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States, which collaborated with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia to discover livermorium during experiments made between 2000 and 2006.

What is Livermorium in the periodic table?

livermorium (Lv), artificially produced transuranium element of atomic number 116. Three other isotopes of livermorium are known; the longest-lasting has an atomic weight of 293 and a half-life of 53 milliseconds. Its chemical properties may be similar to those of polonium.

How is Livermorium formed?

It has no known biological role. Livermorium does not occur naturally. It is made by bombarding curium atoms with calcium. The most stable isotope has a half-life of about 53 milliseconds.

What are the isotopes of Livermorium?

Isotopes of livermorium

abundance half-life (t1/2)
292Lv syn 12 ms
293Lv syn 60 ms
294Lv syn 54 ms?

How do you calculate atomic weight of lead?

How is atomic weight calculated?

The atomic weight of any atom can be found by multiplying the abundance of an isotope of an element by the atomic mass of the element and then adding the results together. This equation can be used with elements with two or more isotopes: Carbon-12: 0.9889 x 12.0000 = 11.8668.

How is Livermorium made?

How is Livermorium produced?

Where is Livermorium commonly found?

Livermorium was discovered in 2000 by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, USA. Livermorium is a synthetic element that is not present in the environment….Livermorium Properties.

Electrons: 116
3rd Ionization Energy: N/A

What are properties of Livermorium?

Livermorium Properties

Melting Point: N/A
Density: 12.9 g·cm3 (predicted)
Liquid Density @ Melting Point: N/A
Density @ 20°C: N/A
Density of Solid: 11200 (predicted) kg·m3

What is the atomic number of livermorium?

edit. | references. Livermorium is a synthetic chemical element with the symbol Lv and has an atomic number of 116. It is an extremely radioactive element that has only been created in the laboratory and has not been observed in nature.

Is livermorium a solid liquid or gas?

Livermorium is a chemical element with symbol Lv and atomic number 116. Classified as a post-transition metal, Livermorium is a expected to be a solid at room temperature.

What is the symbol of lvlivermorium?

Livermorium is a chemical element with symbol Lv and atomic number 116.

What is the most stable isotope of livermorium?

Isotopes: Livermorium has 4 isotopes whose half-lives are known, with mass numbers from 290 to 293. None are stable. The most stable isotope is 293 Lv, with a half-life of about 61 milliseconds. New chemical elements synthesized by Russian team recognized ., June 3, 2011, RIA Novosti.