What is map on a tuner?

What is map on a tuner?

The tuning map is where you change the current map values, make selections, watch the map trace during live datalogging or playback sessions.

Are Cobb maps free?

The maps come pre-loaded on the Accessport and are also available for a free download here.

Where can I buy Cobb Accessport maps?

To access these map files, simply update Accessport Firmware using Accessport Manager (to firmware version 1.7. 3.1-17011 or newer) or download them from cobbtuning.com/maps.

What is a Protune?

a protune is when a tuner actually tunes your car whether it be a road tune or a dyno tune. but everything is set according to your mods and your engine.

Can you tune your car yourself?

Installing a preset car tune, also known as remapping the ECU, is the most effective and easiest tune an owner can do themselves.

How much does an e-Tune cost?

A general range is $300-600.00. Flex fuel based eTunes will be priced higher due to more calibration time. Once you submit the form found below and we review your modifications we can assess the cost for the eTune.

How much does a Cobb tune cost?


Do you need a tune with Cobb Accessport?

Whether you’re tuning a BMW, tuning a Mustang EcoBoost, tuning a Volkswagen, or tuning a Subaru, the easiest and best method uses the COBB Accessport which requires no tuning knowledge whatsoever. The Accessport supports most turbo Subarus.

How do I install maps on Accessport?

On the Right hand side of Accessport Manager select “Import File(s) to Accessport” Choose the file you wish to put onto your Accessport. Click “Open” and your file will be moved over onto your Accessport. Once the transfer is finished click “Disconnect” and you’re ready to go install your new map on the car!

How much does an e Tune cost?

Is Tuning your car bad?

ECU tuning does not harm your car’s engine if tuned properly. A good tuning can improve your car’s fuel economy but more often maintenance is needed. However, extreme tuning may affect the longevity of the engine.

What is a tuning map and how to use it?

The tuning map is where you change the current map values, make selections, watch the map trace during live datalogging or playback sessions. The dots to the right of a tuning map, right in the center, can also be dragged to reveal a 2D/3D rendering of the map.

What is the purpose of the TunerPro software?

TunerPro is a free tuning software designed to enable you modify the calibration data, known as original file, used by vehicle engines and transmissions. TunerPro software allow you to interpret and modify the files of the control unit easily and with accuracy.

How do I use the sub-selection for general maps?

On general maps the sub-selection may offer maps by CAM gear and other options. For switching between low and high cam. Low cam is when VTEC is disengaged, high cam is when VTEC is engaged. The toolbar gives you easy access to add, subtract, adjust, and interpolate the current selection.