What is rp602?

What is rp602?

RP-602 Rev. 7.8.2019 Department of Finance. TM. APPLICATION FOR APPORTIONMENTS OR MERGERS. New York City Department of Finance • Property Division • Tax Map Office. The applicant hereby certifies that, in making this application for merger/apportionment, s/he is the owner, or acting under the direction of the owner.

How do I subdivide a lot in NYC?

To request a lot merger or apportionment, submit a completed Request for Merger or Apportionment form. Include all required supporting documentation such as land surveys and tax clearance. If the Department of Finance approves the initial request, you must then submit it to the Department of Buildings for approval.

What is a lot merger?

A Lot Merger combines two or more substandard lots into one and is a recorded document. With a Lot Merger, the lots become one and can only be divided and sold separately if they are in compliance with the Subdivision Map Act, County General Plan, and County Development Code.

How do I merge my lots in NYC?

When merging lots in NYC you will need to file with the DOB and the DOF if you are planning to combine Condo Units. You do not have to file with DOF for combining Co-Ops. You will begin the process with DOF by filing an RP-602C Application For Condominium Apportionment in order to get a tentative tax lot number.

How do I combine property lots?

Procedure for Splitting or Merging Property

  1. Property MUST be contiguous to each other.
  2. All parcels MUST be in the same name, trust or business.
  3. Parcels MUST be in the same taxing district.
  4. Person requesting the merge MUST be the current owner of the properties.

Is subdividing land profitable?

When done right, subdividing land can be a profitable investment option. However, this process requires a lot of hard work and due diligence. If you’re thinking of undertaking subdivision as an investment strategy, you’ll want to make sure you have a firm knowledge base in the process before getting started.

Can I subdivide my land with a mortgage?

Can you subdivide property that has a mortgage, or will you get into trouble? Yes, you can subdivide a property that a bank mortgages. You’ll need to get their approval and receive a partial release of mortgage before the deal can be closed.

What is a legal parcel in California?

A parcel shown on an approved Division of Land Plat. A parcel shown on a Lot legalization Plat used as evidence of legal parcel prior to a Certificate of Compliance. A parcel shown on an approved Boundary Adjustment Plat. A parcel which is completely surrounded by lots already determined to have been legally created.

What is unimproved land?

Unimproved land is defined by its lack of services and utilities such as electricity, water, telephone or even street access. These plots are just large, open patches of land. Attempting to build any sort of structure would take significant work, but some have easements in place to make construction easier.

What is a Dropped lot?

Drop Lots means any parcel of land unimproved with material revenue producing buildings (e.g., other than small miscellaneous structures such as security, stacks, maintenance sheds, etc.)

Can you merge 2 properties?

What Is A Lot Consolidation Plat? A lot consolidation plat is essentially a re-mapping of two or more adjacent lots or parcels of land, combining them into one larger parcel. A licensed professional land surveyor will perform field work on each existing lot to determine the exact dimensions and land boundaries of each.

Can you build house on two lots?

Yes you can combine two residential lots and build a house in the middle. You first have to make sure that this fits within the zoning regulations in the area and of course that you can obtain both lots from the owners, unless you already own them.