What is S and Q in Traktor?

What is S and Q in Traktor?

The Main panel contains the Main knob that controls the overall volume of TRAKTOR and the Snap (S) and Quantize (Q) buttons. They are lit blue when activated.

What is headroom Traktor?

Headroom. In both digital and analog signal processing, headroom is defined as the amount by which the reference level of an audio mixer can be exceeded before the signal degrades or distorts (known as ‘clipping’, see below).

What’s the best latency setting for Traktor?

512 MS
The recommended setting for using Traktor on most MacBook Pro is 44100 Hz Sample rate and 512 MS Latency. This is because this is the standard sample rate used by most CDs. If you’re a turntablist, you might want to use a lower latency setting.

What is snap on Traktor?

The snap button is useful to have on when setting cue points; when you set a cue point, the cue point will align perfectly with the beat grid. The quantize button is especially useful when you are jumping between cue points; the track will wait until the next beat before moving to the cue point.

What is quant Traktor?

QUANTIZE. There is another function in Traktor that behaves like SYNC but is very different. Quantize is a helpful tool, but must be fully understood to get consistent results. QUANT: This master function locks the phase of all decks.

Should I use Traktor limiter?

OK, the limiter is there because distortion sounds bad, and digital distortion sounds double bad. It is designed to tail off any peaks in the overall volume that are too loud. That way you’ll not need a limiter, and your sound quality will always be as good as it can be.

What is sample rate in Traktor?

Once you’ve selected your audio device, Traktor Pro will set the default sample rate to 44100 Hz – the lowest sample rate possible. While you probably have many mp3s formatted to 44.1 kHz, you’ll miss out on enhanced sound quality from other compression file formats with a better sample rate.

What is deck focus Traktor?

DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator it just shows which deck is the “focus deck” – you can e.g. assign hotkeys to a specific deck or to the focus deck. then the hotkey works for all decks, but depening on which one is focused (just as quick example).

What is quantize in Traktor?

SNAP. To the left of quantize is another misunderstood function. This button tells Traktor to snap cue points, and loops to the beat, this means the songs beats (if a beat grid is not present) or the beat grid if you have created one. With snap on, the cue point drops will always fall on the down beat.

How do you turn on Metronome in Traktor?

In Traktor, click on the Metronome symbol on the left, then click the Auto button to turn it off, so Traktor is the Master clock. In Your Preferences, set your Output to Output monitor. Turn on Traktor’s internal metronome by pressing the Tick button.

Is Traktor making you a mess of your levels?

The way Traktor handles metering and the labels on its volume controls can lure you into making a real mess of your levels. When I first realised this on switching from CDJs and an analogue mixer to using Traktor and a sound card, it prompted me to take a deeper look into the best way to get the level right.

What features can I map in Traktor?

Almost any feature in TRAKTOR can be mapped, meaning that it can be controlled with MASCHINE ’s pads and buttons. You can map multiple features to one control to turbocharge your on-stage workflow and creativity.

What does Traktor’s Master limiter do?

If you do have Traktor’s master limiter switched on, you can crank the volume further, but at the expense of sound quality again. The limiter is basically a compressor, which quietens down the loudest parts of the track, “filling out” the sound to give the impression of more volume.

Can I control the Maschine and Traktor software simultaneously?

One of the beauties of the MASCHINE hardware is that it can be used to control both the MASCHINE and TRAKTOR software simultaneously. Obviously, if you want to actually do this during a set, then you’ll want to synchronise playback timing of the two applications.