What is the best city for young adults?

What is the best city for young adults?

The Full Top 20

Rank City Unemployment
1 Austin, TX 5.4
2 Salt Lake City, UT 5
3 Durham, NC 7
4 Columbus, OH 6.4

Is Colorado good for singles?

In a new study out by WalletHub, Denver has been ranked the fourth best city in the U.S. for singles, out of the 180 compared. Two other Colorado cities were also ranked: Colorado Springs at 39 and Aurora at 111.

Is Denver a good city for young people?

DENVER – Love it or hate it, Denver is one of the top moving destinations in the country for millennials. Young people are flocking here to take advantage of the city’s low unemployment, great quality of life and booming food and beer scene.

Where should I live in Boulder in my 20s?

Top Neighborhoods in Boulder for Young Professionals

  • Boulder – Downtown Boulder is a great place for young professionals and millennials to call home.
  • Lone Tree – Young professionals with a bachelor’s degree who are moving to Boulder should consider Lone Tree as an escape from the city.

What is the best area to live in Colorado?

The 10 best places to live in Colorado

  • Aurora. This fast-growing Denver suburb is one of the most popular places to live in Colorado.
  • Boulder.
  • Castle Rock.
  • Colorado Springs.
  • Denver.
  • Fort Collins.
  • Lakewood.
  • Louisville.

Where should I move to in my 20s?

The 20 Best Places to Live if You’re in Your 20s in The U.S.

  • Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Berkeley, California.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Washington, District of Columbia.
  • Arlington, Virginia.

Where should I not live in Colorado?

The 10 Worst Places To Live In Colorado For 2021

  • Lochbuie.
  • Trinidad.
  • Alamosa.
  • Rifle.
  • Delta.
  • Fort Lupton.
  • Cortez.
  • Pueblo.

Is Colorado good for dating?

It’s Easy To Fall In Love In The Most Beautiful State In America. Aside from the awesome people, delicious food, and insanely good beer, Colorado has the most breath-taking scenery in the entire country. It’s hard not to feel a bit romantic when sunsets over the mountain come complimentary with nearly every dinner date …

Where do most Millennials live in Colorado?

Denver, Colorado
1. Denver, Colorado. Denver had the biggest net migration of millennial residents with 10,974 millennials moving to the city from a different state in 2019, resulting in about 33% of Denver’s population being millennials.

Is Denver cheap to live?

While living in Denver is much more affordable than living in places like Los Angeles, it’s still relatively pricey. For instance, the median home cost in Denver is $421,900, which just about doubles the national average of $216,200. Finding a place is highly competitive so most people use a rental agent.

Is it better to live in Boulder or Denver?

Housing. For those intending to purchase a home, Denver is simply the cheaper option. Both cities have high housing prices by U.S. standards, but housing is considered a whopping 30% higher in Boulder.

Why is Boulder CO popular?

Resting in the shadows of the sandstone slabs of the Flatirons, Boulder, is best known for its outdoor activities, award-winning breweries, and a vibrant downtown that serves as the center of it all. Blending both cityscapes with mountainscapes, Boulder offers its visitors the best of both worlds.

What are the best small towns in Colorado?

Durango,Colorado. Founded in 1880 in the San Juan mining district,the town was named after Durango,Mexico by the governor at the time.

  • Silverton,Colorado. Silverton is located in San Juan County and is a former mining camp that has since been converted into the Silverton Historic District.
  • Aspen,Colorado.
  • Burlington,Colorado.
  • What is the least expensive place to live in Colorado?

    Loveland is another one of the least expensive places to live in Colorado. It is located at a distance of only 30 minutes in the south part of the city of Fort Collins. As its name indicates, it is the city of love that is commonly known as Sweetheart city .

    What are the best places to visit with kids?

    Costa Rica. What’s not to love about Costa Rica?

  • New York City,New York. Visiting New York City is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about U.S.
  • The Black Hills,South Dakota.
  • London,England.
  • Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming/Montana/Idaho.
  • The Yucatan,Mexico.
  • Honolulu,Hawaii.
  • Reykjavik,Iceland.
  • Grand Cayman,The Cayman Islands.
  • Tokyo,Japan.
  • What are the best places to live in Colorado?


  • Boulder,CO
  • Castle Rock,CO
  • Colorado Springs,CO
  • Denver,CO
  • Fort Collins,CO
  • Grand Junction,CO
  • Lakewood,CO
  • Littleton,CO
  • Loveland,CO