What is the best grip to hit a draw?

What is the best grip to hit a draw?

In general, we recommend having a neutral grip (not strong or weak) so that you can hit both types of shots. Plus, when you have a neutral grip, it makes it easier to shallow the golf club and attack the ball from the inside swing path. Your path plays a huge role in pulling off a draw shot.

Can you hit a draw with a weak grip?

Why can’t I hit a draw? You can’t hit a draw for one of several reasons: path, grip and club face. If your grip is too weak or you swing with an ‘over the top’ path, it is likely you will hit a slice instead of a draw. You may also present with an overly weak grip that causes the club face to be open at impact.

How do you grip a draw?

Set the grip in the base of your fingers (below), not angled across your palm. If it’s more in the fingers, you’ll be able to swing freely and easily close the clubface in relation to your swing path. That’s what you need to do to hit a draw.

Why do pros hit a draw?

The main reason why a draw is useful comes down to the technical make up of the golf shot. To hit a draw, the swing must be attacking the golf ball from the inside with the club face open to the target, and closed to the swing path. That is one of the reason golf pros play the draw shot more often.

How do you hit a lefty draw?

To hit a draw, the club head travels on an in-to-out swing path and the club face needs to be closed to the swing path but open to the target line. This combination of swing path and club face at impact makes the draw a difficult shot to execute, but worthwhile if achievable.

How do you hit a draw shot in golf?

Gripping the club properly is the first step in hitting a draw golf shot. For a right-handed golfer, hitting a draw means the ball curves from right to left. Place your left hand on the top of the golf grip. Roll your palm under the club and place your left thumb on the top of the grip.

How to hit a draw?

Use a strong grip. Hitting a draw means hitting the ball to that, for a right-handed player, the ball curves slightly…

  • Aim to the right of your target. Point your feet and shoulders so that they are aimed slightly to the right of your…
  • Draw an imaginary line to shoot with a rounded swing. What does this mean? When you set up your feet and…
  • How to hit a draw in golf?

    Create a Firm Grip:. Usually, your thumb and index finger of both hands form a V shape when you grip your golf club .

  • Align your Feet to the Right:. During impact, it’s better to align your shoulders and your feet to the right of the…
  • Produce a Rounded Swing:. During impact, use an imaginary line to align your feet and shoulders…
  • What is the draw shot in golf?

    For a right-handed player, a draw shot is when the golf ball curves from the right to the left . This is what many beginner and amateur golfers struggle with on the golf course. It doesn’t matter if you use an iron to produce a draw into the green or use a wood to simply hit a high-intensity draw off the tee.