What is the code for escape the car?

What is the code for escape the car?

Notice that the license plate you find has roman numerals reading 2415. This is the code for the safe! Looking forward, enter the code 2415 into the safe and when it swings open you should find a sledgehammer inside. Use the sledgehammer on the windshield to smash it open and escape to freedom!

How do you escape the office in Alexa?

Now look to the right and inspect the safe. You should enter the code 0390 into the safe and find the final key! Using the key you can now look forward, use the key on the door, and escape to freedom. Congratulations you’ve escaped.

How do you escape the bathroom in addicting games?

To play Escape the Bathroom, the trick is to click on literally everything. Go from screen to screen, and if it looks like anything at all, click it. You’ll collect items, and you’ll want to use those with anything and everything. You’ll get the lay of the land, and maybe even solve a few puzzles along the way.

How do you beat escape the room on Alexa garage?

Look left, and inspect the circuit breaker. Connect the wires RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN and power should come on in the room. Look up and use the grease on the garage door opener to make it operate smoothly. Lastly, look forward, and use the button to open the garage door and ESCAPE!

How much is the spaceship escape room on Alexa?

The skill contains three escape rooms: The Hospital (free), The Zoo (free), and The Spaceship ($5).

What is the 4 digit code for Alexa escape room garage?

Enter the code 8 – 9 – 4 – 5 (H I D E). The toolbox should open and you will find some grease. Look right, inspect the shelves, and inspect the tape player. You should hear some morse code.

How do you get out of jail cell on Alexa?

With the prison outfit stuck in the toilet, use the toilet again. The water will begin to overflow and the rising water will take you to the vent where you use the shiv to open it and let yourself free. Congratulations you’ve escaped.

What is escape the room on Alexa?

Escape the Room (Guidance suggested): Much like a real escape room, the object of the game is to solve the puzzle in each room to escape and win the game. The available rooms are a spaceship, jail cell, office, and garage.

How many escape rooms does Alexa have?

Search your room, pick up items, and solve puzzles to find your way out. There are five rooms to choose from and more being added.

Which escape rooms are free on Alexa?

Escape the Room 2 is an Alexa-based audio escape room skill (what Amazon calls Apps) we played on our Echo device. The skill contains three escape rooms: The Hospital (free), The Zoo (free), and The Spaceship ($5).