What is the difference between Pigalle and Pigalle Follies?

What is the difference between Pigalle and Pigalle Follies?

The So Kate and Pigalle Follies have a similar heel structure, which tapers as it nears the ground, although the Follies’ heel is slightly thicker. The Pigalle has an even thicker heel that does not taper.

What is the difference between Kate and Pigalle?

The main difference between the Pigalle Follies and the So Kate is the toe box. The So Kate toe box is much longer. You would have much more toe cleavage wearing the Pigalle Follies compared to the So Kate. The original Pigalle toe box (not pictured) is also smaller than the So Kate toe box.

Who are so Kates named after?

Kate Moss
The black leather, 120mm high heel pumps with distinctive red sole were introduced by Christian Louboutin in the Autunm Winter 2013 season. The So Kate is named after English model Kate Moss, who is a fan of the Louboutin brand.

Are Pigalles comfortable?

Pigalles aren’t designed for comfort. They’re just not. Especially not the Pigalle 120, which is the highest version of the style. Even Christian Louboutin himself has admitted that comfort isn’t his top priority when designing footwear, which says it all, really: “People say I am the king of painful shoes.

Is the Pigalle comfortable?

The Pigalle shape has a bad rep which is one of the few I think is unfair. While these certainly aren’t the comfiest shoes in the world, given the heel height and sharp pointed toe, they’re actually not that bad. I could easily wear these for most of the night without too many issues.

Should you go a size up in Louboutins?

The sizing of the most models in Christian Louboutin shoes does not run on a basis of one-to-one match. A good rule of thumb is to go half a size up when selecting your shoes. If your foot is wide and you are selecting a jaw-dropping peep toe model like “Lady Peep”, “No Matter”, “Academa” etc.

What is the highest Louboutin?

Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, a pioneer in the contemporary shoe designer pantheon, although Mr. Blahnik draws the line at 115-millimeter heels. “115 is the highest heel to walk properly and comfortably,” the British-based designer said. “You have grace and femininity.”

Do Pigalle Follies run small?

A go-to style that’s anything but basic, this pointy-toe Pigalle pump is refined with a daring slimmed-down stiletto that’s a hallmark of the Follies line. Fit:Runs small; order 1/2 size up.

How do you walk in a Pigalle 120?

Pigalles run a half size to a full size large. What’s more, the steep angle created by the heel will make the foot slide forward, which means your toes get squashed into that narrow toebox: ouch. To avoid this, you need to make sure the shoe is as close a fit as possible, so the foot is held securely in place.

How tall are so Kate heels?

This glossy So Kate pump boasts Christian Louboutin’s finest stiletto heel, set near-vertical to dramatically shape your gait into a jaw-dropping stride. The iconic red sole—born from a brush with red nail color—pops beneath the graceful curves. 4 3/4″ heel; 120mm pitch. Neon colors are brighter in person.

Are Louboutin Pigalle true to size?

Instead of a pencil-thin stiletto, the Pigalle stiletto is slightly thicker—enough to support your feet while still looking sleek. Because the sole is on the narrower side and the toe box is a bit shorter, this size runs small. Instead, Louboutin recommends going at least one half size up.