What is the difference between stay Brite and stay Brite 8?

What is the difference between stay Brite and stay Brite 8?

Stay Brite #8 differs from Stay Brite as its higher silver content provides a melting range vs. Stay Brite’s single temperature melting point. Stay Brite #8’s low temperature characteristic promotes capillary flow and less base metal distortion and oxidation.

What is stay Brite?

Stay Brite is the premium solder that solders all metals (including stainless steel and cast iron). except aluminum. It flows freely and has over twice the tensile strength of regular solder. Melts and flows at only 430 degrees F, providing strength without distortion.

How strong is Stay Brite 8?

15,000 psi
temperature; tensile strength 15,000 psi; hiqh electrical conductivity excellent color match on stainless steel. Nickel-bearing Bridgit is the strongest lead-free solder developed for use on potable water systems.

How do you solder with stay Brite?

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What temperature does stay Brite 8 melt at?

~ 500 deg F.
Flows very easy, and does not need copper to be overheated. Melts at ~ 500 deg F.

What is silvabrite100?

Product Overview “The safe water solder”, Silvabrite 100 is a non-toxic solder, free of both lead and antimony. It can join many non-ferrous and ferrous metals, and is most commonly used for joining pipes that carry drinking water. Due to its wide melting range, it is well suited to fill both small and large gaps.

Is silver solder stronger than regular solder?

Silver solder is silver-based filler metal that has been used for years by welders. It’s a silver alloy with some other metals added in, which makes it stronger and able to take more punishment than typical aluminum or copper soldering wire.

Can you use silver solder on HVAC?

But, did you know low-temperature tin/silver solders have higher strength and ductility than typical plumbing solders? This makes them suitable for most residential HVAC connections. The low operating temperature of tin/silver solder does not overheat the tube so it retains its strength.

How do you use stay clean liquid flux?

Flux should be applied with a brush or other type applicator. Avoid getting excess flux inside tube or other connections.. Flux residue is corrosive and a post-solder flux removal procedure should be employed. Because of this it is not recommended for use in electrical or electronic applications.

How much silver is sold Brite solder?

That means that this solder is approximately a 96.4/3.6 Sn/Ag mix. In other words, it is ~96.4% tin and ~3.6% silver.

What is the best solder for copper pipe?

What Type of Solder is Used for Copper Pipe? Lead free solder is best for copper pipes carrying drinking water. It will be free of elements you don’t want entering your drinking water. However it will require a higher melting point than a 50/50 solder.

How do you solder silver?

Starts here3:22HOW TO SILVER SOLDER – FOR BEGINNERS – YouTubeYouTube