What is the market share of Firefox?

What is the market share of Firefox?


Browsers Percentage Market Share
Browser Market Share Worldwide – October 2021
Safari 19.06%
Edge 3.99%
Firefox 3.66%

What percentage of users use Firefox?

Edge: 5.63 percent. Firefox: 3.33 percent. Samsung Internet: 2.22 percent. Internet Explorer: 0.98 percent.

Which browser has the highest market share by latest?

Google Chrome
As of September 2021, Google Chrome accounted for about 67.56 percent of the global desktop internet browser market share.

Which browser is most popular on each major operating system?

Summary tables

Browser StatCounter October 2021 W3Counter September 2021
Chrome 67.17% 63.3%
Safari 9.63% 17.7%
Edge 9.33% 5.4%
Firefox 7.87% 5.8%

What happened to Firefox market share?

From a 30% market share to 3% in just over a decade It reveals that the browser had 244 million active monthly users at the end of 2018, but by the second quarter of 2021, user numbers had fallen to 198 million. There are a few reasons why Firefox has been hemorrhaging users in recent times.

Is Firefox losing users?

Mozilla’s Firefox, the once prevalent internet browser, has reportedly lost 46 million users over the past three years. At the end of 2018, Firefox had over 244 million active users. Fast forward to 2021 and there’s only 198 million active users left. That’s a significant drop in a short amount of time.

Why has Firefox lost market share?

Mozilla’s Firefox, the once prevalent internet browser, has reportedly lost 46 million users over the past three years. The likely culprits are the lack of significant updates and the overwhelming popularity of browsers like Google Chrome.

Is Firefox chromium based?

Firefox is not based on Chromium (the open source browser project at the core of Google Chrome). In fact, we’re one of the last major browsers that isn’t. Firefox runs on our Quantum browser engine built specifically for Firefox, so we can ensure your data is handled respectfully and kept private.

What are the top 3 browsers based on market share in use today how much market share does each one have?

What are the top three browsers based on market share in use today? According to statistics from Stat Counter, the top three browsers in 2020 are Google Chrome (63.91%), Safari (18.2%), and Mozilla Firefox (4.39%).

Is Firefox losing?

What is the market share of Firefox and Safari?

Firefox has a market share of 9.53%. Safari is third among the most popular browsers with 5.63%. Google’s web browser is also the leader among mobile users with a 60.63% market share. Safari is a distant second with 20.19%.

What is the market share of desktop browsers?

In comparison, Windows accounts for 87.82 percent, and macOS holds a 9.42 percent share. As we mentioned earlier, Mozilla Firefox and Safari hold just about the same market share as of November 2020. Coming in second place behind Chrome, Firefox accounts for 8.99 percent of global desktop browser usage:

What is the market share of Chrome in terms of market?

Chrome accounts for 51.8% of the browser market. Firefox, Samsung Internet, and Edge are fighting for the third spot, each with about 4% of the market.

What happened to Mozilla Firefox OS?

In fact since Mozilla moved on from Firefox OS, its derivatives have shipped on an order of magnitude more devices than during its entire time under Mozilla’s leadership and it has gone on to form the basis of the third largest and fastest growing mobile operating system in the world.