What is the message when George kills Lennie?

What is the message when George kills Lennie?

For George, this final description of life with Lennie, of the farm and the changes it would have brought about, is a surrender of his dreams. The vision of the farm recedes, and George realizes that all of his talk and plans have amounted to nothing. Without Lennie, George relinquishes his hope for a different life.

What is the best description of why George kills Lennie?

George is justified in killing Lennie because he knew Lennie kill again and would never get better and their dream would never come true, it was a mercy killing and was the best thing for Lennie at that moment, and George knew Lennie would keep making the same mistakes and eventually would make one that even he could …

Did George do the right thing by shooting Lennie essay?

George definitely did the right thing. If he did not kill Lennie, Curly would definitely have had him tortured and painfully killed. Shooting him was painless.

Was George justified in killing Lennie at the end of the story or should Lennie have lived?

George killing Lennie was justified because had to think about Lennie’s life ahead if he didn ‘t make this choice. George making this choice was right because Lennie had unknowingly brought a threat among people, Lennie had died much quicker and painless, and Lennie was basically George’s responsibility.

Is Lennie’s death justified?

In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, George was justified in killing Lennie. The first reason George was justified in killing Lennie was because Lennie had brought a threat among people, and it was so easy for him to kill them due to his strength.

What happens to Lennie at the end of the story?

At the end of Of Mice and Men , George spares Lennie from Curley’s wrath by shooting Lennie in the back of the head after reciting their shared dream of owning a farm one final time.

Did George make the right decision by killing Lennie?

Argumentative Essay Of Mice And Men In “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, George made the right decision in shooting Lennie because Lennie did not know his own strength. However, the other side might argue that Lennie did not mean to kill Curley’s wife, thus he deserves to live.

What is an example of George protecting Lennie?

In fact, George acts as a parent toward Lennie: He treats Lennie as one would treat a child, he laughs a great deal at Lennie’s words, and because he knows how much Lennie likes soft things, he promises to try to get Lennie a puppy and to let him care for the rabbits when they finally get their own ranch.

What lie does George tell at the end of the novel?

What lie does George tell about the way Lennie died? George lets the men believe that he took the gun from Lennie and then shot him in the same attitude as they would have.

How Lennie kills Curley’s wife?

The more she struggles, the tighter his grip becomes, and he shakes her until her body goes limp. Lennie has broken her neck. The barn goes still as Lennie realizes what he has done. He tries to bury Curley’s wife in the hay, worrying chiefly that George will be angry with him.

Why does slim call Lennie a cuckoo and why does George correct him?

Why does Slim call Lennie a “cuckoo”? Slim can tell that Lennie is not “normal” based on Lennie’s behavior. Why does George correct Slim? George defends Lennie by saying although his is mentally slow, he is not crazy.

What would have happened to Lennie if George had not killed him?

If George hadn’t have killed Lennie in Of Mice and Men, then Lennie would’ve likely been violently killed by the angry mob. At best, Lennie would have been locked up for the rest of his life, a fate George knows Lennie simply wouldn’t be able to withstand.

Why does George think he should not have killed Lennie?

George did the best thing he could for Lennie, and the hardest thing for himself. George and Lennie have a very close relationship. Their lives have been shaped by their friendship and they rely strongly on each other. Therefore, naturally George understands that if he had not killed Lennie, then sooner rather than later someone would.

How does Steinbeck prepare us for Lennie’s death?

By killing him, George stopped what he knew would surely escalate. This we can gather from Steinbeck’s control of the plot and characters. He seems to prepare us for the death of Lennie through the story line. An example of this is in the case of the shooting of Candy’s dog.

Does George make a wise decision in of mice and men?

George does not make a wise decision in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. George chooses to kill Lennie because of Lennie’s uncontrollable killing. Lennie does not mean to kill anyone but he is unaware of his strength.

Why does George shoot Lennie in the Crucible?

Lennie would not be given a fair trial and that is one reason George shoots him. For example, Curley says, “you go in Soledad an get a cop. get 141 wilts, he’s deputy sheriff”. This means that Lennie is guilty before anyone investigates. The police will not prosecute Curly and the men for taking law into there own hands.