What is uvuv neon wear?

What is uvuv neon wear?

UV Neon Wear A range of Neon UV Face and body paints and UV accessories. Ultra Violet reactive products that will glow brightly under UV blacklight; perfect for parties and nights out!

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Monster Parties Trade offers the best prices for wholesale and retail quantities of a range of the most popular party supplies. Whatever the celebration we have themed party supplies, decorations, banners, balloons, party bags etc. We can also offer personalised activity packs, stationery, and banners which we design and print in-house.

Why choose uvuv lights and blacklights?

UV Lights and Blacklights are great for party lighting, clubs, touring DJ’s and theatre groups. Multi use, UV blacklights are also fantastic for checking for fraudulent banknotes, ID’s and driving licences and even for picking up bugs and nasties when cleaning!