What is Waves RVox?

What is Waves RVox?

The vocal plugin that has made recorded music history, R-Vox is the first-choice vocal compressor for top engineers worldwide. With its approachable interface of just 3 controls for gating, compression and output gain, R-Vox is the quickest route to a legendary vocal sound.

Are Renaissance compressors worth it?

This is a pretty good, overall compressor that can really aid a mix and help everything stand out a bit better. It’s a simpler compressor than some of today’s digital compressors in that it only has five sliders — threshold, ratio, gain, release and attack.

What is the best waves compressor for vocals?

One of the most popular compressors for this is the CLA-2A optical compressor, but any relatively slow compressor like the PuigChild or Kramer PIE are great as well. The idea is to use the first compressor to quickly tame peaks, and the second, slower compressor to squeeze the vocal and create more consistent dynamics.

Are Waves plugins good?

Are Waves Plugins Good? We have a mantra at the Hyperbits Masterclass that our students often hear – “If you want the best results, you need to have the best tools.” So the short answer is a resounding yes, Waves plugins are incredibly powerful.

What type of compressor is RComp?

Renaissance Compressor
Renaissance Compressor is a classic warm compressor and expander with a simple, straightforward interface. Since its introduction, RComp has been the gold standard for smooth, accurate, great-sounding compression.

What type of compressor is R compressor?

Renaissance Compressor is a classic warm compressor and expander, with a simple, optimized interface. It combines technologies from the C1-Compressor/Gate and the famed L1 Ultramaximizer with Waves groundbreaking ARC (Auto Release Control) technology.

Is API 2500 a VCA compressor?

There are also two types of compression onboard the API 2500+ — Old and New. The Old style uses the feedback type of compression in which the detector is placed after the VCA (as found on the classic API 525), while the New style uses a feed-forward type for a faster response typical of many popular modern compressors.

What does vocal rider do?

What does Vocal Rider do? Basically, it hears the incoming signal and adjusts it to stay inside a user-set dB range. All you need to do is set the target range of the vocal level in relation to the rest of the mix. Then, Vocal Rider compensates for anything outside the target, raising or lowering the vocal gain.

What is a CLA plugin?

CLA in Action They’re easy and straightforward plug-ins that adds some extra punch and sweetness to your sound. For instance, in this folk pop mix I just put on the CLA Unplugged plug-in on the acoustic guitar bus, slapped on a preset, tweaked some settings and voilá! Instant mix sweetener.

Is R-Vox the best plugin for vocal compression?

“For me, R-Vox is not only the best plugin for vocal compression; it is also one of the best plugins ever. It is useful to make well-recorded vocals sounds incredible, but also to help repair a poorly-recorded vocal.

Why Waves Renaissance Vox and Waves Renaissance Compressor?

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. The “under the hood” design of Waves Renaissance Vox and the no-frills design of Renaissance Compressor can be used to achieve great-sounding vocal compression quickly and efficiently.

What does R-Comp stand for?

Features vintage Opto and modern Electro modes. The Renaissance Compressor (R-Comp) provides that unique blend of warmth and presence to any vocal or instrument track, while maintaining the ability to deliver transparent, unobtrusive results. With its modern interface, R-Comp provides a “no-frills” intuitive approach…