What is WD TV Live streaming media player?

What is WD TV Live streaming media player?

The WD TV Live HD Media Player from Western Digital is a digital media player for TVs or HDTVs. It can be used to play back video, audio, and pictures over your home network or from any USB hard drive or storage device.

Can WD TV Live play MKV?

Part 1: About WD TV Live Western digital TV live is a streaming media player that supports a wide variety of the most popular files including MKV, MP4, XVID, AVI, WMV, and MOV video formats. Get the freedom to enjoy your media now, in virtually any file format.

Is WD TV an android?

Android 2.1 and later versions.

How do I update my WD media player firmware?

To update the firmware:

  1. Go to http://support.wdc.com and download the latest firmware update compressed file for your Media Player.
  2. Click “Downloads” then the product name (or photo).
  3. Extract the two files (.
  4. Connect the USB drive to the HD media player’s USB port.
  5. Press HOME, and then select the Settings bar.

What is the best media server software?

Plex is possibly the most popular media server software out there, as it offers an easy setup and a highly flexible system for managing different types of media libraries.

Do you need a media streaming server for live streaming?

You can even watch live streaming for sports, news, etc., no matter where you live; all you need is an internet connection and some useful tools. One such tool is a media streaming server that has made it effortless for you to watch videos and other media without any hassles or lags.

What is a media server and how does it work?

These services are basically HTTP servers with a dedicated user interface and feature set that is meant to manage media libraries. Just add a wireless media keyboard and you can turn any PC into a home theater.