What kind of fish are in platoro reservoir?

What kind of fish are in platoro reservoir?

Platoro Reservoir (and adjoining Mix Lake) features world class fishing for both browns and rainbows, as well as healthy populations of brook trout, kokanee salmon, and the occasional Rio Grande cutthroat.

Where are Tiger trout stocked in Colorado?

They can now be found in almost all of the western and mid-western states. According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website, they are in 30 Colorado lakes and reservoirs, including Vallecito. The Arizona Game and Fish Department is also stocking tigers.

Is Quail Lake stocked?

Quail Lake is a 22-acre lake on the southwest side of Colorado Springs, off of Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard. The lake is stocked regularly by the Division of Wildlife and Rainbow Trout are plentiful in the spring and early summer with cooler water temperatures.

Where can I fish Conejos River?

Best access points for fishing the Conejos include the headwaters, above the Platoro Reservoir, the Lake Fork of the Conejos, Saddle Creek to South Fork, and South Fork to Menkhaven Ranch (some access points for this last spot are on USFS property, but be sure to respect private property when you see it marked).

Is platoro reservoir open?

Platoro Reservoir is 990 surface acres in size, at an elevation of 10,000 feet. Fishing is for brown, rainbow and brook trout. The reservoir is open to large and small motorized and non-motorized boats….At a Glance.

Usage: Light
Water: No
Restroom: No
Operated By: Forest Service

Is platoro Colorado Open?

Area Status: Open Located on Forest Road 250 near the Platoro Reservoir.

Where is the best fishing in Colorado right now?

Here are some of the top fishing destinations in Colorado, in no particular order.

  1. Rio Grande River. Placid waters of the Rio Grande.
  2. Gore Creek. Gore Creek lined with pine trees.
  3. Spinney Mountain Reservoir.
  4. North Platte River.
  5. Upper Arkansas River.
  6. Fryingpan River.
  7. North Delaney Butte Lake.
  8. South Platte River.

Where can I find golden trout in Colorado?

After an analysis, CPW said they determined Clear Lake and Jewel Lake would provide the best habitat from the trout’s return to the state park. Both alpine lakes sit at an elevation of about 11,000 feet. Jewel Lake is accessible by a three-mile hike and Clear Lake requires an eight-mile hike to get to.

Is Quail Lake Colorado Springs man made?

In 1973, Quail Lake, which is actually a reservoir, was built by damming a tributary of Fountain Creek. The reservoir was originally constructed for irrigation and flood control. Today, the recreational facilities are maintained by the city of Colorado Springs and the lake is stocked by Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Where is platoro?

Platoro is a tiny, remote village surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest. It’s located about two hours south of South Fork, two hours east of Pagosa Springs, and two hours southwest of Monte Vista, in what some would call the middle of nowhere.

Where is the Conejos River in Colorado?

The Conejos River begins just north of the New Mexico border in south-central Colorado near the town of Conejos. It flows north through the San Juan Mountains and passes by Manassa before joining the Rio Grande River about 15 miles south of Alamosa, Colorado.

Where is the biggest fish in Colorado?

Blue Mesa Reservoir Located 5 miles west of Gunnison, Blue Mesa is Colorado’s largest reservoir (9,000 surface acres). The huge impoundment offers good fishing for rainbow and large brown trout. But, “Big Blue” is most famous for its trophy lake trout fishing.

How many historic conditions reports are available for Platoro Reservoir?

Platoro Reservoir on FishExplorer has 12 historic conditions reports, 4 historic water temperature updates, 8 historic status updates, 9 historic water level updates, available to subscribers. Lake Skipper (s): Needed!

Is Platoro a good place to fish?

Platoro may not be the easiest place to access and may not have all the amenities of other large lakes in the state, but with some patience you can enjoy world class fishing in Colorado’s highest man made reservoir. Find hikes, backpacking, photo spots, and more around Pagosa Springs.

Where is Platoro Dam and reservoir?

Platoro Dam and Reservoir are part of the San Luis Valley Project in the south-central portion of the State of Colorado. Platoro Dam is on the Conejos River about 1 miles above the town of Platoro, Colorado.

How many campgrounds are there at Platoro?

There are 3 forest service campgrounds available plus dispersed camping options. Platoro is the blending of the Spanish words “plata” (silver) and “oro” (gold), and this secluded mountain reservoir strikes it rich when it comes to outdoor recreation.