What kind of music does group therapy play?

What kind of music does group therapy play?

Group Therapy (Above & Beyond album)

Group Therapy
Genre Trance, progressive trance, progressive house
Length 80:48
Label Anjunabeats
Producer Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer

How often is ABGT?

The show lasts for two hours, where the last half an hour is filled with a guest mix by a guest DJ. Group Therapy is broadcast every Friday at 7pm UTC +1.

How do I listen to ABGT?

Group Therapy is the weekly radio show from Above & Beyond also known as ABGT

  1. Trance. Music Podcasts.
  2. @abgrouptherapy.
  3. http://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/radio.
  4. [email protected]

What genre is above and beyond group therapy?

Group Therapy/Genres

When was above and beyond Sun Moon released?

Sun & Moon/Released

What happened ABGT podcast?

ABGT (Above & Beyond Group Therapy) is no longer a podcast, no longer a free radio show to listen to. Instead, a 15 min highlight will be offered on podcast apps/sites and you will need to listen to the full show on music streaming services.

What’s ABGT?

Definition. ABGT. Above and Beyond Group Therapy Radio.

What happened to group therapy podcast?

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What happened to above and beyond group therapy?

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