What makes the Bowtech Heartbreak compound bow so good?

What makes the Bowtech Heartbreak compound bow so good?

Some important features of the Bowtech Heartbreak compound bow, such as its versatile finish options and variety of draw weights, all make up an overall great product. Look at the rest of the details of the specs:

How accurate is the carbon rose bow?

The key to accuracy is the Synchronized Binary cam system and achieves perfectly level nock travel, with set and forget it tuning. What sets this bow apart from other ladies’ bows, is how lightweight and comfortable it is. The Carbon Rose features an aerospace-inspired carbon riser.

What is the best compound bow for women?

Luckily the Bowtech Heartbreaker compound bow stands out as one of the best and most popular bows for women. If you are a female archer and are looking for the one product that will solve your hunting problems, then the Bowtech Heartbreaker is a great choice.

Should you buy a bow from Bowtech or Hoyt?

Buying a bow is an investment. And when you purchase a bow from a certain company, you’re forming a relationship with the people behind it. Before you commit to Bowtech or Hoyt, it may help to hear some of their backstories. Between the two companies, Hoyt has been around the longest.

What is Bowtech Archery?

Bowtech Archery – An entire company obsessed with accuracy. Bowtech manufactures and distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment. BOWS TECHNOLOGIES ACCESSORIES REGISTER YOUR BOW. Click the button below to fill out the bow registration form.

Why choose Bowtech deadlock®?

Bowtech strategically engineered the DeadLock® cam on the Solution to produce blazing down range speed coupled with an unheard of buttery-smooth draw. Built with a maneuverable 32” axle-to-axle and topped off with the precision accuracy of DeadLock, the answer is the Solution.