What means Opleiding?

What means Opleiding?

noun. training [noun] the process of learning (the practical side of) a job.

What is the meaning of nicht?

Definition of ‘nicht’ 1. the period of darkness each 24 hours between sunset and sunrise, as distinct from day. 2. ( modifier) of, occurring, working, etc, at night.

Was Meinst du means in English?

To ask ‘What do you mean?’ there are several situations. clarification of a term: Was verstehst du darunter? /

What is German for money?


What language is nicht?

In German, we use “nicht”, when we like to express the negation of a verb or an adjective. In English, we do so by using “don’t” or “isn’t/aren’t”.

Is it Guten Nacht or Gute Nacht?

The correct way to say good night in German The correct way to wish somebody a good night in German is: Gute Nacht! Ok, great.

How much is 1000 German marks worth?

Convert German Deutsche Mark to US Dollar

50 DEM 28.8498 USD
100 DEM 57.6995 USD
500 DEM 288.498 USD
1,000 DEM 576.995 USD

What are some German cuss words?

Single-Word Swears

German English equivalent Vulgarity level
Scheiße (scheisse) sh*t mild/medium
Mist crap/dang mild
Arschloch a*shole medium
Schlampe b*tch high

How do you use nicht in German?

Rule #1: By Default, Nicht Goes To The End Of The Sentence When you’re negating a verb, a noun or a whole sentence using nicht, it generally goes to the end of the sentence. This is the default setting.

How do you use Keine?

When to Use Kein/keine It can be translated to “any” or “no” in English. Kein/Keine is used when negating a noun. According to the gender of the noun in question you use kein with a male or neutral noun and keine with a female noun or any noun in plural.

Is Nacht feminine?

Nacht is a feminine noun. So it is die Nacht.

What is Gute Nacht?

How to Say Gute Nacht (Good Night) in German.