What movie is about a plane crash?

What movie is about a plane crash?

Flight (2012 film)

Produced by Walter F. Parkes Laurie MacDonald Steve Starkey Robert Zemeckis Jack Rapke
Starring Denzel Washington Don Cheadle Kelly Reilly John Goodman Bruce Greenwood Melissa Leo
Cinematography Don Burgess
Edited by Jeremiah O’Driscoll

What is the deadliest air crash in history?

520: The crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 on August 12, 1985, is the single-aircraft disaster with the highest number of fatalities: 520 people died on board a Boeing 747.

Was flight based on a true story?

The accident in the film was inspired by a real-life disaster, the crash of Alaska Airlines 261 on January 31, 2000. Some dialogue in the film closely resembles the CVR transcript. Like in the film, the pilots of Alaska 261 rolled the airplane to an inverted position to try to stabilize the flight.

Has any plane crashed in the air?

On December 16, 1960, two airplanes collide over New York City, killing 134 people on the planes and on the ground. The improbable mid-air collision was the only such accident to have occurred over a major city in the U.S.

Is Sully based on a true story?

Yes, Sully is based on a miraculous real-life event that has come to be known as the The Miracle on the Hudson. US Pilot Chesley Sullenberger was commanding US Airways Flight 1549 on January 15, 2009, when both engines of the plane were struck by birds.

Does Netflix have Sully?

On 15th January 2009, Captain Chesley Sullenberger landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in New York city after both engines of the plane were struck by birds. Seven years later, they made a film about it, with none other than Tom Hanks in the lead role.

Who survived Tenerife disaster?

But when the all clear came to resume their journeys, a combination of bad weather and miscommunication meant that Pan Am Flight 1736 was still on the runway as KLM Flight 4805 attempted take-off. Captain Robert Bragg was the co-pilot aboard the Pan Am plane, and was one of the few who survived the collision.

Who is Nicole in the movie flight?

Kelly Reilly
Flight (2012) – Kelly Reilly as Nicole – IMDb.

What caused Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crash?

The thread failure was caused by excessive wear resulting from Alaska Airlines’ insufficient lubrication of the jackscrew assembly.” During the attempt to regain control, the pilots inverted the plane and were able to level it for a short while. …

What planes have crashed in 2021?


  • 2021 Azerbaijani Mil Mi-17 crash.
  • 2021 Kemerovo parachute Let L-410UVP-E crash.
  • 2021 Nigerian Air Force Beechcraft King Air 350i crash.
  • 2021 Piedade de Caratinga Beechcraft King Air crash.
  • 2021 South Sudan Supreme Airlines Let L-410UVP-E crash.
  • 2021 Touques Airbus AS350B helicopter crash.

What is the deadliest air disaster?

The crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 5 is the deadliest air disaster in Fargo – Moorhead history, and October 30th, 2016 was the 75th anniversary of the accident.

What was the worst air crash?

Aviation Accidents and Incidents Tenerife Airport Disaster (1977) Japan Airlines Flight 123 (1985) Charkhi Dadri Mid-Air Collision (1996) Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (1974) American Airlines Flight 191 (1979) Air India Flight 855 (1978) Air India Express Flight 812 (2010) American Airlines Flight 587 (2001) Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (2014) China Airlines Flight 140 (1994)

What is the most deadly plane crash?

9 American Airlines Flight 191 1979. 8 Iran Air Flight 655 1988. 7 1996 Air Africa Crash 1996. 6 Saudia Flight 163 1980. 5 Iran Ilyushin Il-76 Crash 2003. 4 Turkish Airlines Flight 981 1974. 3 Charkhi Dadri collision 1996. 2 Japan Airlines Flight 123 1985. 1 Tenerife Disaster 1977. + Japan Airlines Mid-Air Incident 2001.

When was the last major airline crash in the United States?

The last fatal crash of a passenger plane in the United States involving a U.S.-certified airline occurred in February 2009, when a flight operated by Colgan Air crashed in New York, Reuters reported.