What movies did Don Bluth work on?

What movies did Don Bluth work on?


  • Known For. Anastasia Director (1997)
  • The Secret of NIMH Animation Department (1982)
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven Director (1989)
  • Titan A.E. Director (2000)
  • Director. Tapper World Tour (2011)
  • Gift of the Hoopoe (2009)
  • Scissor Sisters: Mary (2004)
  • I-Ninja (2003)

Are they making a Dragons Lair movie?

Dragon’s Lair is coming to Netflix as a live-action movie starring Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds is also a producer on the project which doesn’t have a release date at this time. The movie will be based off of the 80s’ video game from Don Bluth and Cinematronics. Bluth will also produce.

Is ferngully a Don Bluth film?

‘Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest’ routinely gets mistaken for being a Don Bluth film. The movie was actually directed by Bill Kroyer (who actually helped with visual effects on the original ‘Tron’). Even without the influence of Bluth, Kroyer guides a film that holds up relatively well 20 years later.

What happened to Don Bluth animation?

Though only a moderate success in the box office, the movie received critical acclaim. Later, with the home video release and cable showings, it became a cult classic. Nevertheless, due to the modest gross and an industry-wide animation strike, Don Bluth Productions filed for bankruptcy.

Is we’re back a Don Bluth movie?

“We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story” is the kind of innocuous animated kiddie movie you maybe wouldn’t mind seeing on Saturday morning TV. Less widely remembered, perhaps, is that he also produced an earlier animated dinoflick, Don Bluth’s “The Land Before Time” (1988), which was smarter than this film and better looking.

What Don Bluth films are owned by Disney?

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman went on to head up Fox Animation Studios in Phoenix, Arizona to work on Anastasia, Bartok the Magnificent and Titan A.E.. Banjo the Woodpile Cat, Thumbelina and A Troll in Central Park are currently owned by Disney via 20th Century Studios and Don Bluth Studios.

What happened to Dragon’s Lair?

The ambitious plan to resurrect classic video game Dragon’s Lair as a feature-length traditionally animated movie via crowdfunding has been cancelled, with creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman pulling the Kickstarter before it ended.

Who owns Dragons lair?

David Wheeler
Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® first opened in Austin Texas in 1986. Since that time its owner, David Wheeler, and his stores, have developed a reputation for customer service, professionalism and product management.

Did Don Bluth work on Robin Hood?

Another major subplot was that of a young rabbit named Skippy, who hero-worshipped Robin Hood. Don’s work on this film was largely as an animator. One of Don’s first scenes as an animator came in the finale as Robin Hood steals the gold from Prince John.

Why did Don Bluth stop making films?

While Disney was creating consecutive masterpieces, the films coming from Bluth and his newly created studio Don Bluth Entertainment steadily declined in quality until Bluth actually disowned a film because he despised the finished product.

When did Don Bluth leave Disney?

Don Bluth Entertainment (formerly Sullivan Bluth Studios) was an Irish-American animation studio established in 1979 by animator Don Bluth. Bluth and several colleagues, all of whom were former Disney animators, left Disney on September 13, 1979 to form Don Bluth Productions, later known as the Bluth Group.

What was the last Don Bluth movie?

Titan A.E., the bafflingly star-studded (as of now) final feature-length film of legendary animation director Don Bluth, is very much not that.

Is the original Dragon’s Lair on Blu-ray?

Dragon’s Lair, Blu-ray original game with bonus features. Note: This is the original Dragon’s Lair game. This is not the finished movie. “Historian” *LIMITED REWARD/STANDALONE* An original theatrical style Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace poster autographed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.

Who is Don Bluth and what did he do?

Don Bluth is an American animation director/producer/animator/designer, writer, who began his career during the production of Sleeping Beauty at Walt Disney Productions in 1955.

What happened to Don Bluth and Gary Goldman?

Don Bluth, the ex-Disney animator who both designed and illustrated the original game, is also listed as a producer. Bluth and partner Gary Goldman, in 2015, turned to Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise money for a big-screen adaptation of their game, but were unsuccessful.

How many drawings are in Dragon’s Lair the movie?

Plus, two more lapel pins for a complete set of all three characters, Dirk the Daring, Princess Daphne, and Singe the Dragon. This tier is LIMITED to 720 original Animation Drawings from Dragon’s Lair: The Movie, final pitch presentation. Drawings will be autographed by Don Bluth. Set of Don Bluth Animation Tutorials.