What number do I call for WIC in TN?

What number do I call for WIC in TN?

For general questions about the WIC program, call 1-800-DIAL-WIC or scroll down for more information.

How do I check my WIC balance in TN?

You can get your food balance by checking your last store receipt, using the balance inquiry terminal at the store, at the Current and Future Balance tab on this website, or calling Customer Service at 1-844-540-3013. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. You must have a 4-digit PIN to use your WIC EBT card.

What do I need to bring to my WIC appointment Tennessee?

After you make an appointment with your nearest Tennessee WIC clinic, you will have to bring the following documents when visiting WIC clinic for interview:

  1. Proof of your identity.
  2. Proof of your residency.
  3. Proof of your household income.

Can you use TN WIC in another state?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee families participating in WIC or the Tennessee Women, Infants and Children Program are going from paper to plastic. The Department of Health said the cards can be used at any of the 790 WIC-authorized stores across the state.

Is WIC income based in TN?

To apply for WIC benefits, you must make an appointment at your local WIC agency….Who is eligible for this program?

Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $23,828
2 $32,227
3 $40,626
4 $49,025

Why is my WIC card not working?

You may have selected an item that is the wrong size or the wrong brand. You may not have enough benefits left on your card for the item. You can choose to pay for the item with your other groceries. If you do not want to buy the item as a non-WIC purchase, tell the cashier you do not want the item.

Can I apply for WIC online?

Use the WIC Prescreening Tool, an online application intended to help potential WIC applicants determine if they are likely eligible for WIC benefits. After using the prescreening tool, users who may be eligible are provided with state-specific contact information for the WIC Program.

What formula does WIC cover in TN?

WIC Formula Information Tennessee WIC has a contract with Abbott Nutrition to provide Similac formulas including Advance, Isomil (soy-based), Sensitive, Total Comfort, and Spit-Up.

Can you use TN WIC in Florida?

No, you can use your WIC EBT card only at approved stores in Florida. Ask your local WIC office for the names and addresses of the approved stores in your area. Tell your local WIC office if you are moving to another state.

Can you use TN WIC in KY?

Kentucky, Tennessee reach agreement on WIC.

What is the maximum income to qualify for food stamps 2021?

SNAP Income Eligibility Standards for Fiscal Year 2022
Effective October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022
Household Size Monthly Net Income (100% of FPL) Monthly Gross Income (130% of FPL)
1 $1,074 $1,396
2 $1,452 $1,888

How much do you get for WIC in Tennessee?

WIC Income Eligibility Criteria for 2021-2022

Family Size Annual Monthly
1 $23,828 $1,986
2 $32,227 $2,686
3 $40,626 $3,386
4 $49,025 $4,086