What role is Ares in smite?

What role is Ares in smite?

Ares strengthens the defenses of himself and all nearby allies, granting Protections, HP5, and reducing Crowd Control durations. For each shackled enemy, the Protection Buffs are increased.

Who counters Ares smite?

Gods Counter Picks

Gods Countered by
Tsukuyomi Kumbhakarna, Nox, Thanatos, Amaterasu, Arachne, Odin
Cliodhna Hades, Ao Kuang, Mercury
Ares Hel, Ymir, Aphrodite, Arachne, Arachne
Artio Ares, Hun Batz

What guardian has the most health in smite?

Coming in at number 1 for not only the Guardians but overall in Smite with the most HP is the beautifully chunky Ymir. Ymir, Father of the the Frost Giants is best known for his high crowd control and high defense.

What Guardian does the most damage smite?

[Top 5] Smite Best Guardians

  3. GEB: SOLID AS A ROCK. SMITE – God Reveal – Geb, God of Earth.
  4. ARES: THE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE. SMITE – God Reveal – Ares, God of War.
  5. KHEPRI: THE HUG BUG. SMITE – God Reveal – Khepri, the Dawn Bringer.

What is the most played game mode in smite?

Conquest. The classic MOBA format, Conquest is the most popular game mode in Smite, and plays exactly like games such as League of Legends. There are three lanes, each with two towers and a phoenix per team.

Should I play Ares on smitefire?

However you choose to play Ares, The SMITEFire community will help you craft the best build for the S8 meta and your chosen game mode. Learn Ares’ skills, stats and more.

What are the skills of Ares?

Ares Skills. 1 Blessed Presence Passive. Each completed aura item that Ares owns grants him 30 additional magical power. 2 Shackles. 3 Bolster Defenses. 4 Searing Flesh. 5 No Escape.

What does Ares do while shackled?

While shackled, Ares can fire another chain for free within 2s. Ares strengthens the defenses of himself and all nearby allies, granting protections and HP5 and reducing crowd control durations.

Is Ares immune to knockback?

Ares is immune to Knockback for the duration. Ares throws chains out to all enemy gods in an area around him. All enemies hit by the chains are pulled to Ares after 2.5s, taking damage and are stunned.