What settings should I use on my TENS unit?

What settings should I use on my TENS unit?

Setting the Pulse Rate (Frequency) Acute pain is usually most effective between 80 and 120 Hz. Chronic pain can also benefit from lower settings 2 to 10Hz that stimulates an endorphin release. A setting between 35 and 50Hz is commonly used to stimulate muscles for strengthening or even relaxation.

Can you overuse a TENS unit?

Can you overuse a TENS unit? TENS stimulation should last for only 30 minutes at a time. After this, a 20-minute break is advised to give your skin a break for potential skin irritation from using TENS in one area on the skin for too long.

How do you charge a TENS machine?


  1. Plug the charger into mains electrical power outlet.
  2. Follow the battery instructions for charging time.
  3. After the battery recommended charging time has been completed, unplug the charger and remove the battery.
  4. Batteries must always be stored in a fully charged condition.

Can TENS cause nerve damage?

Can a TENS unit cause nerve damage? TENS unit is not known to cause any nerve damage. A backfire in the TENS unit might provoke an overreaction in the nerve causing some pain or discomfort, but the nerve itself is unlikely to be damaged.

How many times a day can you use electrotherapy?

You can begin with one 15-minute therapy session. Repeat for another 15 minutes if needed. Use up to three times per day at a maximum. During each therapy, rate your pain before and after the session, 1 (low) to 10 (high) in order to gauge the true reduction of pain.

How long should I keep my TENS unit on?

The machine should be used for at least 45 minutes but can be used for up to 12 hours before the electrodes need to be cleaned and re-sited. When you have finished using the machine for the day, carefully remove the pads from the skin and clean the skin with ordinary soap and water.

Where should Tens pads not be placed?

Do not use TENS on:

  • Open wounds or rashes.
  • Swollen, red, infected, or inflamed skin.
  • Cancerous lesions, or close to them.
  • Skin that does not have normal sensation (feeling)
  • Any part of your head or face.
  • Any part of your throat.
  • Both sides of the chest or trunk at the same time.
  • Directly on your backbone.

Can a TENS unit reduce belly fat?

Surprisingly, without modifying their exercise or diet, the EMS did indeed cause significant effects on decreasing waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage, leading the researchers to conclude: “The use of the high-frequency current therapy may be beneficial for reducing …

How long should I charge my TENS unit?

Battery maintenance

  1. As a minimum, charge the battery for 2 hours every 3 months – even if not in use.
  2. The battery does not need to be flat before you recharge it.
  3. The battery does not need to be fully charged in order to use the device.

How long does a TENS unit take to charge?

On a full charge, the battery should last about nine 30 minute sessions and takes about five hours to fully charge once the battery is empty. You cannot use the unit while the battery is charging.

Is a TENS unit bad for your heart?

TENS therapy could increase bleeding at the tissue site or increase the risk of bleeding in persons with bleeding disorders. Heart disease. Do not apply TENS therapy to the chest if you have heart disease, heart failure or arrhythmias.