What shrubs do well facing north?

What shrubs do well facing north?

Take advantage of these cooler, shadier spots and create a beautiful and attractive garden. Hence, let’s look at some plants that do well in north-facing gardens….

  • Azara Serrata (Saw-toothed azara)
  • Cyrtomium falcatum (Holly fern)
  • Hydrangea integrifolia.
  • Osmanthus delavayi.

What are the best plants for a north facing garden?

However, if you would like more certainty, here are some of the best plants that grow in a north facing garden.

  • Erythroniums.
  • Snowdrops.
  • Snakes’ head fritillaries.
  • Rhododendrons.
  • Lily of the Valley.
  • Astilbes.
  • Hostas.
  • Hydrangea Vine.

What flowers do well on the north side of the house?

Perennial Flowers Perennials are the best type of plant for the shaded side of a house. Some of the more prominent include rayflower, lungwort and hostas. Some wildflowers such as foamflower, bluebells and bleeding heart also thrive in the shade, and have colorful blooms to boot.

Do hydrangeas like North facing garden?

Hydrangea vine Ideal for covering north-facing walls and fences. Take care when pruning hydrangeas, as each type is pruned in a different way.

Can you plant azaleas on north side of house?

Azaleas can be handled as pot plants, mass planting, specimens, tree types, espalier and hedges. Where there are no trees, the north or east side of the house, or high fence, would be desirable.

Will azaleas grow on north side of house?

Shade-loving deciduous shrubs are what you should look for when trying to select the proper plant for your landscape’s north side. The swamp azalea (Rhododendron viscosum) grows in zones 4 through 9 and can thrive in northern areas of your landscape.

Will hydrangeas grow in north facing wall?

It can tolerate deep shade and is well suited north-facing walls. It can also be grown horizontally, such as over a low wall or down a bank. Hydrangea quercifolia (oak-leaved hydrangea) is a spreading form with large oak shaped leaves and white conical flowers.

Can you grow anything in a north facing garden?

Choose plants that do well in shade As well as the ivy, Richard has found which plants do well in his north facing garden through trial and error. Hardy geraniums grow happily in the shade, as do foxgloves. Buddleia can spread a bit too much but is very resilient about where it grows.

Can I plant flowers on the north side of my house?

On the north side of a house, flowers need to tolerate or thrive in shade, as the sun is unable to shine brightly from the north, creating shaded growing spaces. Choose vivid perennials and annuals for added interest and color to an otherwise low impact area.

Will hostas grow on North Side house?

Hostas are the mainstays of the shade garden. Their luscious foliage is unparalleled for accent and groundcover effect. Plant hostas with ferns, wildflowers, and shade perennials on the north side of a house or under the canopy of large trees.

What can I plant against a north facing fence?

Five plants for a north-facing wall

  • Chaenomeles x superba. These supremely tough shrubs are matched in beauty, making them ideal plants for a north-facing wall.
  • Clematis alpina.
  • Akebia quinata.
  • Ivy.
  • Virginia creeper.

Will rhododendron grow on the north side of a house?

Unlike many blooming plants, rhododendron does not like full morning sun in winter and does best when planted in dappled shade on the north side of a building. Growing rhododendrons are happiest in a location protected from the wind and not under eves of a building.

What are the best plants for a north-facing garden?

The garden spaces along north-facing walls are often dry as well as shady. These areas can be notoriously dry because the eaves intercept rainfall. The ideal plants for these areas are those known to do well in dry shade. Lilyturf is one such plant, a grasslike perennial that grows 9 to 18 inches high.

What kind of ferns can I plant in a north facing garden?

There are lots of ferns you could grow in the shady conditions of a north-facing border. Large ferns include the royal fern (Osmunda regalis)  and shuttlecock fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris).  For the front of the border, consider small ferns like the common polypody (Polypodium vulgare).

What makes a north-facing garden stand out?

North-facing gardens get far less sun than south-facing gardens and can sometimes feel dark and unattractive. Planting ferns bring color all year round to your living space. They create a lovely lush atmosphere that makes your north-facing garden stand out.

Where do you get the most Sun in a north facing garden?

In a north-facing garden, you will get some sun on the eastern side when the sun rises. You will also get some afternoon sun when it sets in the west. However, for most of the day, areas of your garden against walls, fences, and structures will be in the shade.