What size cable do Virgin Media use?

What size cable do Virgin Media use?

RG6 7mm
If you’re looking to extend the connection for any Virgin Media or sky TV source, rest assured with the SSL coax extension cable which is a standardized RG6 7mm cable size to fit every F-female device.

Do I need a phone socket for Virgin broadband?

For Virgin Phone we’ll either install a standard phone socket to connect to, or in some areas you may connect your home phone directly to our Hub 3.

What is the Virgin Media wall socket?

A Virgin Media Wall socket is where the magic of the internet comes into your home, directly from Virgin Media, your ISP. Your TV must have HDMI inputs in order to use the Virgin Media TV service, and for the internet you will need an Ethernet port or wireless PC or laptop equipped device to access the internet.

Are BT and Virgin master sockets the same?

One of the sockets is labelled virgin media, the other labelled BT, both are the master socket type (split front cover). An internet search suggests that virgin media doesn’t use the openreach network so am now wondering if the previous owners have all the sockets connected to the virgin network.

Can I use RG6 for Virgin Media?

As per Virgin Media’s own “New Development Team” they allow builders to pre-wire houses with RG6 or RG59 for their use.

Are Virgin and Sky cables the same?

Virgin Media and Sky use different networks. Virgin has its own cable network while Sky uses the Openreach network.

Does Virgin use master socket?

The phone line will be through the hub as your a new customer and you will need to ask to install a master socket, VM do not use the BT cabling it is separate cabling once VM have installed their socket all you will need to do is remove the extensions from the master and connect to the VM socket if you have any.

Does Virgin use BT lines?

Virgin runs on its own exclusive network, whereas BT operates over the widely used Openreach network, but whatever package you currently have – broadband, TV or phone – switching between the two need not be a hassle. This guide outlines everything you need to know about switching between BT and Virgin Media.

Does Virgin Media use Openreach?

There are two main fibre optic networks in the UK – the Openreach network, used by most big-name providers, and Virgin Media’s own cable network.

Do BT and Virgin use the same cables?

Virgin is a completely different network. Do you have a BT socket in the home? You must have if you’ve been with Sky previously, as they use the same Openreach network that BT do. If not you’ll need an engineer to visit and install one, along with connection the cable from outside.

Are Sky and Virgin cables the same?

How much does it cost to set up Virgin Media Broadband?

Your set up fee includes a £35 activation fee, with free Click and Collect delivery, or £5 extra for a home delivery of the QuickStart pack. If your property doesn’t have a connection to the Virgin Media network, we’ll send you an engineer to get you set up without an additional fee.

Is there a Virgin Media Box in the flat?

There’s a BT openhub ethernet port too but the one pictured is the only virgin media box. We live in a flat which is part of a single house with 4 other flats so it might be that one of the other flats is connected hence us passing the “you’re all set up” virgin check but it was never wired into our flat.

How far away from a wall socket can a TV be?

Another thing to consider is the condition and location of your internal wall socket. The wall socket should be undamaged, securely fixed and have the silver connectors visible. Your TV or Hub can be up to 3 metres away from your wall socket.

How do I connect my phone to Virgin Media Wifi?

You can use your phone’s 4G signal, or you can download our Virgin Media connect app which lets you connect to WiFi over any Virgin Media WiFi Hub (your device will need to connect to the internet using WiFi or mobile broadband to download and use this app). Once you’re online you can get any further installation help.