What size fence post do I need for a gate?

What size fence post do I need for a gate?

Post size: As a rule of thumb for free-standing posts, use 100mm x 100mm (4″ x 4″) lumber for narrow gates up to 1200mm (4ft) high, use 125mm x 125mm (5″ x 5″) posts for narrow gates 1800mm (6ft) high, and use at least 150mm x 150mm (6″ x 6″) posts for wide gates.

How deep is a DuraPost?

600mm deep
How To Install A DuraPost. Step 1: Dig a hole 600mm deep at both ends of the desired length of fence and insert a post into each hole. Check that the height of the two posts is consistent by using a string line – Use a measuring tape to check the height will be the same at various points along the line.

Can you cut down DuraPost?

Steel fence posts provide a strong and reliable system that will not alter or weaken over time. At Birkdale we have developed the innovative Fencemate DuraPost. As it can be installed by a single trade professional, the product can cut build time in half when compared with concrete fence posts.

Will a 4×4 post hold a gate?

Common fence post lumber dimensions are 4-by-4 inches and 6-by-6 inches. Common standard lengths are 8, 10 and 12 feet. For outdoor construction, including fences and gate posts, rot-resistant lumber should be used. For a light to midweight gate, 4-by-4-inch stock is strong enough to support the gate.

Do you have to use cement for fence posts?

Do Fence Posts Need To Be Set in Concrete? No, fence posts don’t need to be set in concrete, and there are plenty of other ways to fix your posts if this feels a bit too permanent. If you are using wooden posts, concrete may actually be the worst option.

Are DuraPost any good?

DuraPost is stronger than both concrete and timber fence posts and is guaranteed to last up to 25 years. Made from galvanised steel, DuraPost doesn’t rot, split, warp, crack or chip and can even withstand winds of up to 110mph! It’s a no brainer if you ask us.

How far apart should fence posts be NZ?

Post and rail fence: A post and rail fence, at least 1 m in height, of substantial material, firmly erected, with not less than 4 rails, the space between the 2 bottom rails, and the bottom rail and the ground, not to exceed 125 mm, and the posts to be not more than 2.75 m apart.

What is DuraPost?

What is DuraPost? DuraPost is an innovative and lightweight alternative to a heavy concrete fence post or wooden fence posts. These long-lasting posts have been designed by industry-leading experts to provide homeowners with a stylish and practical choice.

How do you strengthen a gate post?

To reinforce a weakened post, just insert the pointed end of the E-Z Mender against the post at grade, and drive it down with a sledgehammer until the top of the nailing lug is even with the ground.

How do you stabilize a gate post?

Tips To Repair Your Sagging Gate

  1. Determine the condition of the gate post.
  2. If damage does exist, remove the old gate post and dig a new post hole at least 3 feet deep.
  3. To make digging your post hole easier, we recommend renting an auger or post hole digger.
  4. Once the hole is dug, set the post in concrete.

Why choose durapost fencing?

Where traditional timber posts rot and concrete posts suffer hairline cracks, causing the structures to weaken and snap, DuraPost stands strong. Less snags, minimal upkeep and a guarantee of up to 25 years gives you more happy customers. I’d recommend DuraPost® to any homeowner looking for a new fencing system.

What is durapost made of?

DuraPost is made in the UK from galvanised steel with a wide range of contemporary colours. Patented and Registered Design Protected, it is 100% recyclable at end-of-life, giving you a sustainable choice for your fence. Unlike traditional fence posts, DuraPost won’t rot, warp or crack and is maintenance free.

Why choose duragates sliding gates?

The bottom track is available in galvanized steel, aluminum track and stainless steel and can accommodate a solution for every type of rolling gate project. By welding or mechanically fastening the gate to the bottom track, DuraGates sliding gate system can be used with any gate material such as steel, wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, etc.

What colors does the dura fence come in?

Dura fence is available in several colors. (White & Bronze)Our customers have rail options, and all of them can be powder-coated at request which creates a tough, virtually maintenance-free finish. The Dura fence can be customized to meet the needs of any commercial or residential application.