What time is high tide at Newquay today?

What time is high tide at Newquay today?

Newquay tide times

Time (BST) State Height
00:33AM High 5.5m
06:54AM Low 2.5m
12:59PM High 5.8m
19:30PM Low 2.3m

What time is high tide in Newquay Cornwall tomorrow?

For more information, please see FAQs….Tides for 2021-11-15.

Type of tide Time (GMT) Height (metres)
High 02:20 5.9
Low 08:48 1.9
High 14:39 6.3
Low 21:12 1.6

What time is low tide at Fistral Beach?

7 day tide forecast for Fistral

Thu Fri Sun
Low 04:09am (2.64m) High 10:09am (5.4m) Low 04:49pm (2.82m) High 10:45pm (5.05m) Low 05:20am (2.95m) High 11:19am (5.15m) Low 06:00pm (2.97m) High 01:04am (5.19m) Low 07:11am (2.66m) High 01:28pm (5.56m) Low 07:58pm (2.23m)

What time is high tide at Crantock?

7 day tide forecast for Crantock 2021

Mon Tue Sun
Low 11:57pm (0.62m) High 06:14am (7.38m) Low 12:24pm (0.6m) High 06:37pm (7.16m) Low 12:48am (0.83m) High 07:00am (7.22m) Low 01:16pm (0.83m) High 07:24pm (6.87m) High 11:11pm (5.52m) Low 05:53am (2.42m) High 11:43am (5.78m) Low 06:15pm (2.25m)

What time is high tide at Watergate Bay?

Large high tides will completely cover the beach at Watergate. As a rule of thumb, the largest high tides (springs) will always occur between 6pm and 7pm and the lowest low tides around 12pm-1pm.

What time is high tide in Cornwall?


CAPE CORNWALL November, 2021
1 Mon 7:13 h 16:59 h 1:35 h 4.8 m
2 Tue 7:14 h 16:57 h 2:21 h 5.3 m
3 Wed 7:16 h 16:56 h 3:03 h 5.8 m

Where can I watch the sunset in Newquay?

  • Top 5 Outdoor Sunset Spots. 1st June 2019.
  • Fistral Beach. The best place to watch a Newquay sunset must be the iconic Fistral Beach.
  • Porth Island. Porth Island is to the east of Porth Beach and can be accessed by a narrow footbridge.
  • Lewinnick Lodge.
  • Watergate Bay.
  • Holywell Bay.
  • Visit Newquay x.

How do you cross the river Gannel?

When the tide is in (approx 3hrs either side of high water) the ferry boat ‘Sunshine’ will take you across the river (about 200 yards) to the beach for a small charge (see charges below). At low tide (app. 3hrs either side of low water) a foot bridge will allow you to walk across the river free of charge.

What time is high tide in Perranporth today?

Here are the predicted tides for Perranporth….Perranporth Tidal Predictions.

Tide Times UTC:
Low 01:41 1.36m
High 07:46 6.85m
Low 14:14 1.35m
High 20:14 6.39m

Is Watergate Bay beach dog friendly?

Watergate Bay beach is dog friendly all year round. Dogs are welcome on the beach at any time of the year. Any fouling on the beach must be cleared and disposed of in the bins at the top of the sea lane. Well behaved dogs are welcome in The Living Space, The Beach Hut, and at the hotel reception.

Does the tide go out at Cornwall?

The tide is currently rising in Cornwall. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 5.7m will be at 1:53pm and the lowest tide of 1m will be at 8:06pm….Regions and cities in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

Bamaluz Beach Lansallos Beach Porthcurno Beach
Carbis Bay Beach Mevagissey Porthpean Beach

What time does the tide come in near me?

Next high tide is 7:55 pm. Next low tide is 12:39 am. Sunset today is 4:47 PM. Sun rise tomorrow is 6:49 AM.

What are the predicted tide times for Newquay on Friday 18 June?

The predicted tide times today on Friday 18 June 2021 for Newquay are: first low tide at 5:36am, first high tide at 11:49am, second low tide at 5:59pm. Sunrise is at 5:08am and sunset is at 9:35pm.

What are the tides like at the Gannel?

The Gannel is a tidal estuary and as such experiences dramatically varying tides throughout the day. So, before you head down there to commence your walk, check the Gannel tide times to avoid disappointment and to remain safe. Also, check out a map of the area to get a sense of where you are headed.

Why the River Gannel walk in Newquay?

Situated just a stone’s throw from the bars, amusement arcades and general chaos of downtown Newquay lies the beautiful Gannel Estuary – county wildlife site and area of great scientific value. Whether you are a casual stroller, bird watcher or dog walker, the River Gannel Walk is sure to capture your imagination!