When did the GoPro Hero 3 come out?

When did the GoPro Hero 3 come out?

Editors’ note: The GoPro Hero3 product line, released in 2012, was replaced by the GoPro Hero3+ line as of October 2013. See our reviews of the $399 Hero3+ Black Edition and the $299 Hero3+ Silver Edition.

Does the GoPro hero 3+ have WIFI?

The HERO3: Silver Edition features built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with both the Wi-Fi Remote (optional accessory) and the GoPro App. The Wi-Fi Remote (not included) is a waterproof, wearable remote control that can control up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled GoPros at a time from a range of 600′.

How long does a GoPro Hero 3 last?


Avg. time for camera only Avg. time for lowest power consumption setting
Black Edition 1.5 hrs 1.5 hrs (1080-30)
Silver Edition 2 hrs 2 hrs (720-30)
White Edition 2.5 hrs 3 hrs (WVGA-60 and 720-30)

Are old GoPros still good?

GoPro update their range; A LOT! And when they do, the older models get discontinued, but, they’re still available online. That means you’ll be able to get a top quality action camera, for a fraction of the original MSRP. Most discontinued GoPros are available new, used and even reconditioned.

Does GoPro Hero 3 have GPS?

The GoPro Hero 7 White lacks a built in GPS. Other devices, including the Hero 2, Hero 3, and Hero 3, may also be used if you have an iPhone and can therefore use the Mapillary app integration.

Does the GoPro Hero 3 shoot 4K?

The Hero3 is able to capture up to 4K video at up to 15 frames per second, a new 2.7K video resolution at up to 30fps, and an oddball 4:3 aspect ratio 1440p video at up to 48fps. Of course the standard HD resolutions also make return appearances.

How long should a GoPro 3 battery last?

What kind of battery life can you expect from a GoPro HERO3 battery?

Avg / Camera Only Avg / Highest Power Use
HERO3 Black 1.5 hrs 1 hr (WVGA240)
HERO3 Silver 2 hrs 1.5 hrs (WVGA120)
HERO3 White 2.5 hrs 2 hrs (1080p30)

Which GoPro camera is best?

The best GoPro cameras you can buy today

  1. GoPro Hero10 Black. The best GoPro camera overall. Specifications.
  2. GoPro Hero9 Black. The next best GoPro camera.
  3. GoPro Hero8 Black. The best GoPro camera under $300.
  4. GoPro Hero Max. The best GoPro camera for 360 video.
  5. GoPro Hero7 Black. Still a good camera if you can find it discounted.

Does the GoPro Hero 3 have image stabilization?

Despite the lack of autofocus and image stabilization features on the GoPro HERO3, you may be surprised that it scores fairly well for these 2 video attributes.

How long does the battery last in a GoPro Hero 3?

Gopro hero 3 battery life. Recording only lasts a couple of hours on battery if you’re recording. Maybe two or three hours depending on charge. If you want more battery life, you might want to look into getting a supplemental and portable USB charger and carry that with you too. They are small and can provide you with…

How do I Reset my GoPro Hero 3?

Factory reset for HERO 3/3+ (black and silver edition): While The GoPro is off, press and hold down the shutter button (the top button). While still holding the shutter button, press the power button (on the front of the camera). The camera will now power on and it will reset to the original settings.

How to use a GoPro Hero 3?

1. Power ON the HERO3 camera. 2. Press the Wi-Fi button on the left side of the camera with the lens facing you. You’ll see a blue LED blink every couple of seconds to show that you camera’s Wi-Fi is turned on. 3. Now that the blue LED is blinking, press the Wi-Fi button one more time to show the Wi-Fi menu on the camera’s front LCD screen.

What are the features of GoPro Hero?

HERO features SuperView, a GoPro-exclusive video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective. It allows you to capture more of yourself and your surroundings in the shot—resulting in captivating, ultra engaging footage of every adventure.